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Wong Chau Jun Restaurant @ Rangoon Road

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Many youngster doesn't know about this place, this restaurant mainly crowded with middle age people especially aunties and uncles who just finished their morning exercise at park. It is another place to have breakfast and lunch as well because they offer both heavy foods and lights foods. The restaurant name was adapted from one of the famous "Four Beauties" from the ancient of China, I wasn't aware about the name behind it but I really like name, easy to remember I guess until I was told by someone. They hired mostly middle age aunties to be their waitress but they are good in terms of memory and they are friendly and fast too. They able to brief you all their menu without looking in the menu - well no menu booklets and they speak Chinese so bring along someone who can communicate in Mandarin or Hokkien if you cannot speak one of those languages but now they attached some of their famous dishes menu together with picture in frame on wall so you could look at them if you missed out their speedy menu briefing.
I used to go together with MummyQ when I have no any of vehicles license so she will fetch me there to have breakfast whenever she feel she want it or was just around there but now I go with Boyf and she go with her girlfriends auntie for breakfast. And we usually only two types of dishes which is:-

Special Wong Chau Jun Fish Meats Vermicelli or known as Spicy and Sour Fish Meats Vermicelli. Almost like Tom Yum but it is in clear soup and a lots more messy, as in all of the ingredients from soup based to topping are all in one pot and you will have slightly trouble scooping your vermicelli and fish meats but it was all worth it if you like spicy and sour foods like Tom Yum. It is less oily compared to Tom Yum or actually I like to called it White Tom Yum because it taste to just in clear soup, very aromatic and very flavorful, the soup was very hot so it is good to warm up your body during the morning and the taste just good enough to open your taste buds/your appetite during the awful morning, no body love morning and the fish meats is just fresh, juicy, sweets and it was thin in slices and of course the soup flavors was not absorb into the meats, it is just a quick cooked and eat it together with the soups and vermicelli, it was nice and warmth.

Steamed Fish Slice Ginger Hor Fun is the second food we will order and its Boyf favorite, he said that he is too old to eat sour food too much therefore he prefer something simple and mild food. For this dish you can actually ask for fried fish if you don't feel like having steamed fish and like I said before the fish meats really fresh and the Hor Fun they use is very fine in quality, very thin layer, smooth, the length and width is good and less oily as well. Together with their special mix soy sauce with Chinese wine and some ginger slices, the combination of the ingredients really simple but the output was fantabulous, good to have it whether in hot or cold weather.

And their address is...
No. 73, Jalan Rangoon, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.

About Us

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Happy 7th Anniversary & still counting...

Red Garden Food Court @ Lebuh Leith

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Red Garden Food Court is another tourist spot to enjoy local and fusion foods as dinner at here as well as for the locals people. We seldom come here but once in awhile we will dine at here, maybe because it is a tourist spot and the food and beverage price a bit expensive and the environment the more late it is the more crowded and noisy because at some hours they will hire local singers to sing at the stage place at middle of the food court and we don't like that type of environments. I love fruits juice, I love to eat but I'm a lazy eater so it's best to replace solid fruits to juices, you don't need to bite or chew you just need to drink it and it taste as good as it is. So I ordered Carrot Milk Jumbo Size. The taste was not bad, not too sweet or bland, well mix between the carrots juice and condensed milk but kind of a bit watery.
Me and Boyf only stick to order this dish every time go there to eat, maybe because of the portion, taste and price are more reasonable and worth for what we paid. It is Nasi Briyani, although the portion may look small in the pot but actually it is quite big, I'm quite a heavy eater due to my metabolism burn quite fast and this meal really help me to feel full for quite long. They offer varieties type of Nasi Briyani - Chicken, Mutton, Vegetables, Egg, and a few more, the ingredients they gave quite a lot as well. I usually order Chicken Nasi Briyani. The rice was very fluffy, soft, very aromatic, very flavorful, warm and it was well mix and covered with spices, it's really nice and now makes me kinda crave for it. As for the chicken it was soft but not that moist, very flavorful and it is in bite size and well blend in together with the rice so it was good
Once we ordered this pizza because we was still hungry, I ordered Hawaiian Pizza as this is the basic for all pizza, I usually try out the most basic pizza then only try out another selection if it was good. So it was served on our table and the price are a bit pricey and it looks good too. Looks good, yes that's right, just the looks good but when we came to taste, it is real disappointed.  It was close to tasteless borderline, the based doesn't smell aromatic even it was served hot, you couldn't smell the fresh baked flour smell but luckily it was soft and moist. The topping quite lil as well, at some part you couldn't eat the topping because there was no topping, doesn't well spread. Very oily, although you couldn't see it from here but at the bottom, on the plate it was like a layer of oil. Cheese so so lil and I don't know what cheese the baker use but it doesn't bring out the cheese smell, it was just a very light cheese smell. I couldn't taste any chunks of pineapple and I couldn't taste any sweetness in it which Hawaiian Pizza suppose to taste. The chicken chunks was dry and tasteless. Seriously we are not satisfied with it and we don't will give it another try.

Red Garden Food Court offer varieties of food choices but not all is good and worth the money we paid because it is tourist spot so they rise the price higher than any other food court around Penang.

And their address is...
No, 20, Leith Street, 10000 Georgetown, Penang.

Biskut Matahari


Can someone tell me where to get this biscuits? I got it when I still worked at KDU College and volunteered in helping Hope Worldwide for fund raising for the needy. I look for everywhere but couldn't find it else where. I get to know it that this biscuits was personally made to sell it at the charity by the Hyunza company but this simple biscuits really nice and I really like it. This biscuits is like croissants, it is layer by layer in it but it is not a croissants, not buttery, crispy, the textures actually like croissants less hard than any normal biscuits available in the markets and very aromatic and the taste of it a bit slightly salty which really makes you fall for it, it opens your appetite but not too salty just enough for flavoring only and also not oily, It's really nice and I want to have it but I cannot find it arghhhhhhhhh~anyone here to help me?

Kindori Japanese Ice Cream @ Gurney Plaza

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We passed by this kiosk quite a few times already, we wanted to try yet scared to try it as not many customers so we delayed it till recently where they put up banner and information about what they offer and people start to queue up to order and we followed behind so we can know how the procedure is. 

They have their menu on the counter where you can refer to and choose what flavors you want for your ice cream and they frozen their fruits in the freezer but will put it in display freezer for you to see. It was said that their ice cream are low far, low calorie, low sugar and high in protein, calcium and vitamin. Also it is no food coloring and preservatives added. I totally can understand it because I witness the ice cream procedure making on the spot! But some weird flavors will comes with powder and some will comes with ready pack products. The price are a bit expensive but I think worth it, still I recommend people to order cones which cost RM 7.90 while cup is RM 6.90, the first time we had cup but following visits we have cones which we think more worth it.

Following is their ordering and ice cream making procedures:
1 - Choose your favorites fruits 
2 - Add in the 100% fresh milk ice cream base.
3 - Put in the selected fruits and ice cream base into the mixer and all the natural Kindori ice cream is ready to be served!
I ordered Passion Fruits and Boyf ordered Chocolate Peanuts. Mine was very refreshing, light, smell good and very soothing. It's quite creamy, soft, smooth and the textures just good. For those who can't stand on milk/dairy products, this probably something new to try on as the smell of dairy wasn't strong, it was just very light but still maintain its creamy textures, however the fresh fruits scent or other ingredients able to covered it, and it is not too sweet as well like normal ice cream we have. While Boyf ones a bit too thick in flavors and super creamy because of what he chose and in the end makes him even more thirsty. But its very creamy more creamier than mine and very flavorful as well and the chocolate quite bitter which is good, not too sweet as well but I prefer mine, very refreshing. Every time have Kindori I definitely will for fruits, beans and nuts as its healthy and it is very rare to find some in the markets as such grapes, almond and so on. It's a good try but kind of expensive for the small portion of ice cream.

And their address is...
Lot 170-03-K1, Level 3 Gurney Plaza, 10250 Persiaran Gurney, Penang.

Tomato Ketchup Restaurant @ Kampar

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So we stayed at Eastlake for 3 years during my undergraduate years because the houses rental used to be more cheap than the hostel also much much more nearer to campus although starting there is nothing there but more like ghost city, now I believe there is a lots of shops available there, laundry, foods, furniture and so on. It's hard to have dinner I remember because all shops close down and the only foods we have are Tesco Supermarkets Food Courts until slowly people start to operate their business at these area and we got home based western food restaurant, it was like finally we have western food in Eastlake, basically my time all we have there is Chinese Cafe and Mamak's Cafe, if you are craving for western food, you have to go all the way to Westlake so it's like our saviour.

So we always ordered fruits juice although they also offer other beverage like tea and so on. I actually quite like their Watermelon Juice except that it is a bit too sweet, fruits basically have their own sweetness and sugar level and they shouldn't add so much syrup in it, there is some watermelon pulp in it, so it is good.
I think they are famous for their Bacon Ham With Parmesan Cheese because I saw many order them so I also ordered one. Yeah it was good, not over too creamy, thick in textures or watery and the sauce is a lots too! Not the best but it is really not bad, taste quite good, it taste really home based meals, nothing extravagant, presentation was simple was well. The noodle was well cooked too! Not overcooked or under cook and the noodle sikly smooth. I prefer they give more of the bacon ham because just few slices is not enough, I know bacon is expensive but I guess they can actually add pork ham also else it was like just eating plain creamy noodle.
As for dessert they always have cheesecake awaiting for us and each week they offer different type of cheesecake and it is just fine, not the best but fine. We ordered Marble Cheesecake to share, just me and Boyf, it wasn't very rich in cheese but quite flavorful and slightly creamy, also quite moist and soft. The price of course much more cheaper than Secret's Recipes cakes but the quality are almost the same, almost and of course it taste much more better than King's Bakery at Tesco hypermarkets. It's actually worth the try if you wish for cheesecake at Kampar at cheap and quite nice taste.

And their address is...
No. 106, Jalan Perdana, Taman Kampar Perdama 2, 31900 Kampar (Eastlake), Perak.

Zhou Restaurant @ Macalister Road

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My 4th Aunt suddenly came to pay us a visit and suggested to bring us to try new porridge at the town area, at first me and Boyf refused because it's hard to find parking at that place but they insisted and ok, no choice, we have to bring them go since MummyQ was so eager to try it out.

There is nothing so special about the shop except the name, because they actually use one famous Taiwanese-Singer and Actor - Jay Chou name to represent their signature in Chinese Calligraphy and playing his song in the restaurant all day long also the shop was painted with very very yellow paint and the place mainly rely on ceiling fans only, the the environment is quite hot and yellow color seems to be double the heat feeling.

We were seated and menu was given to us to see and WoW, there is so many types of porridge they offer and I don't know which to order for fear it won't taste good. 4th Aunt tried before so she ordered, clock wise;
Signature Congee Base,
Curry Congee Base,
Herbal Congee Base, and
Tom Yum Congee Base.

The porridge was well cooked, so soft, not too watery or very thick in textures, it's silky smooth, very flavorful and the portion is quite big and we really regret to allowed my 4th Aunt to ordered so much! All of us find its ok, very nice to eat but not MummyQ although both 4th Aunt and MummyQ are Nyonya but my 4th Aunt are more open to foods, any types of foods for example she can accept Cantonese porridge very well although she is Nyonya but definitely not MummyQ, she cannot accept this type of porridge, it's good for elders who are toothless or have weak teeth but still she prefer Nyonya porridge. However the porridge will later cause you slightly thirsty although it is very flavorful and slightly sweet for herbal ones because they use Wolfberries which is sweets by itself but as for curry it is not spicy same goes to Tom Yum flavors not spicy and sour as well but the more you eat the more you will feel 'urgh, that's enough.'
We ordered Fried Crispy Dumpling and I really like it. The filling is some minced pork meats, chunk meats and century eggs. It's simple snacks bites, it well mixes with the ingredients, non oily, very flavorful, crispy, soft but a lil bit too moist or should I say too wet which slightly spoiled the dish. It's good to try and I think it is best to go together with rice but not porridge because it's too moist.
Of course me and Boyf favorite, Salted Egg. MummyQ and 4th Aunt favorite Preserved Bean Curd and we also ordered Seasonal Vegetables, not to missed out Minced Meats. Nothing much to comment here basically because two are from ready make food. Another two - One is minced meat which you can refer to first photo, it is with Tom Yum Congee Base. It is just okay, nothing to brag about, it was smooth, soft and juicy but not flavorful, They can actually make it better by adding in more salt and pepper while preparing the meatballs before cooked it, I would be prefer that. Their salted egg taste quite good actually, not too salty, over cooked or under cooked, it is soft and the yolk was big and we love it! While for vege, they use lettuce. It was crispy, juicy and sweets also there is soy sauce and oyster sauce mixes together so it's a little bit sweets and salty which is suitable to eat together with just plain porridge and a lil bit sprinkle of deep fried garlic.
Barbecue Roast Pork or known as Char Siew, yes we ordered it because it looks really delicious but I should say that we got cheated by its look! It was really dry and chewy, sweets sauce doesn't help to make it a lil bit more moist. Not well marinated, mainly rely on the sweets sauce and it is not shiny at all. Not a good Char Siew although it looks so beautiful.

Their service quite good actually but in terms of parking then there is a lots of problems because it is located near to New Lane Hawkers Center, which just opposite it and if you get the chance to park around there, ready few Ringgits to get your car wash by the professionals as birds poo just bomb onto your car like World War 3, I'm not kidding, it is one serious matter, no joke! I think Penangites will understand it very very well.

And their address is...
No. 68A, Jalan Macalister, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.

Homemade Sushi Roll

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Nothing beats having good friends around us and involve in cooking games and the cunning gang made it a few times already and I think it is great for catch up and having fun without any intake of alcohol that might drunk us up and making fool of ourselves in front of each others and cause harm into our body. Although this is not the best sushi we had it like Sakae Sushi, Sushi Tei and so on but I said this is the best sushi I had, the times we spend together giggling and laughing around taste much more better than any expensive sushi.

The ingredients just pretty simple but a bit costly however if it was share among friends then it is just fine, very affordable. You can actually choose what you want to put in your sushi and we just choose the most simple one:
Tuna Spread,
Omellete (not in the  picture),
Cucumbers, and
Kikkoman Soy Sauce, and
S&B Wasabi Paste
Of course not to missed out the Japanese Rice and sorry for the super blurry picture.
And we definitely need Rolling Mat, for once we tried to make sushi without it and the outcome was a messed and kinda in disoriented shape I must say also not to missed out Nori or well known as seaweed to wrap the ingredients then roll it with the mat.
And voila our sushi creation! Not so awesome right? but it taste really not bad though and we had a great time catching up with each other and compete with each other one who's have the best sushi although basically all just taste the same, the only thing we compete is the compactness and the shape, yeah kinda lame but we love it really, we're full, happy, and satisfied with instant stress release moments with a cup green tea. I think everyone should try this instead of spending an amount of money on alcohol or cigarettes which is unhealthy or went for mania shopping spree. It's good although at the end of the meal there is a lots stuffs need to be wash up and clean the house. And we are going to that again very soon.

Yea Japanese Barbecue & Shabu Shabu @ Penang Times Square

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It was our anniversary dinner and we decided to have it at here since we never try it before and it was actually last year, we make it a bit more grand, dine in better place, more fine one because we skipped it once because we were busy with our thesis, exams and presentations and Kampar, don't have nice places for us to celebrate more over we just have motorcycle to go any place that is far, it's dangerous. Boyf suggested this place as his sister said it was nice, yeah no more surprise dinner or whatsoever because we're really one old couple. I say the environment quite nice, very ambiance environment, very quiet surrounding and we have helpers to helps us with refilling our beverage and assists us in every things.

Unlike other barbecue places use pan fried flat plate, barbecue plate or so on, Yea uses transparent marble stone as the pan fried, I think it is a good choice to use that to maintain the heat as the environment quite chill, if is steel pan fried then it is more easily things become cold and I find it more hygiene because you can actually spot the dirt and wash it away and more easily to clean up the oil and they have varieties of soup based for you to choose from and without thinking much I jumped for Kimchi soup without thinking that Boyf not a big big fans of Kimchi while I am, and feel so sorry about it but still both of us actually more focus on barbecue rather than shabu shabu.
The ingredients used for the barbecue, Chili Pepper, Pepper, Salt, Soy Sauce and so on also a bottle of clean water (refillable) bottle to wash/clean the marble stone when it gets dirty and also a box of tissue
So they have few stations for the foods and I took few of its except desserts station. They have meats station which we love the most because they have varieties of meats and parts of the meats, what you need to do is just tell them and they will take it out for you. Also have many types of sauce, we didn't get to try all of them or shall I say we actually don't dare to try all of them because some sounds weird to us. They have seafood section, vegetables sections as well as frozen foods section.
It's our first time there and they actually provide us with chef to cook for us, not just demonstrate for us to see then leave but cook for us, I felt so privilege, like a boss, there is chef cooked for us and served us, clean the marble stone for us as well . Above picture actually is thin slices of chicken meats cooked by our personal chef, you can actually see oil drizzling on the stone. Actually I think it was much more healthier because there is only slightly rely on cooking oil and not plenty of melted butter, also you can marinate your meats on the spot or just cook with the seasoning available on the table.

But when it comes to price matter, it is a bit expensive and I personally think is not worth it because they have their time limit per table and I really don't like that! Since we pay for it, why not just let us eat comfortably instead of chasing the time and the price was RM 53.00+ that's exclude taxes, so we actually paid for almost RM 60.00 per person but unable to eat comfortably? What sorcery is that? I'm actually quite like their service and the environment and the foods provided to us but really disappointed with the terms. Now I need to think twice before step in into here again because I find it not worth for the money I paid. I don't even have the time for desserts, that is why you don't see any picture of it. I prefer Nagore Road Steamboat Barbecue then with only RM 20.00+, I can eat all I want, no time limit. Although there is no personal chef for us, no one going to assist us and the environment quite noisy but it's fine for me, worth every penny I pay for it.

And their address is...
Ground Floor, Penang Times Square, 10150 Jalan Dato Keramat, Penang.

Yau Kee Restaurant @ Kampar

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One day The Cunning Gang planned to try out their famous curry chicken bread but unfortunately we were there too early, way too early, their famous curry chicken bread is not ready yet, still in preparing so we was disappointed because we planned this to avoid the crowd and to have it as breakfast but it turn out to be we had Dim Sum at there, well ok at least we had our breakfast and the plan did not go down to drain for nothing for waking up so super early where we can have our beauty sleep that weekend.

They have limited choice of Dim Sum but it's ok at least have the basic Dim Sum dishes like Siew Mai, Char Siew Pao, Lor Mai Kai or in English term is Steamed Glutinous Rice With Chicken In Lotus Leafs Wrap, Steamed Fishballs, Har Koa/Shrimp Dumpling, Egg Tart and so on. Basically we select a few to try on, the color wasn't look attractive at all presentation also, well just normal. All I can say is, it is quite nice actually despite they are not famous for their Dim Sum but their Lor Mai Kai a bit dry and what surprised me is the Char Siew Pao size is quite big unlike Penang one so small like 3 big bites then the pao is fisnish, worth the try and our effort of waking up so early sis not gone wasted.
So on that day we went back to take our graduation robe/gown together with OCE's and TH's his gf, we decided to go buy it and bring it home for our relatives and family the next day. I was like finally I get to eat it after three years! Gosh that's really took very long time, and sorry Cunning Gangz I enjoy it without you guys around me.
So we bought small one, they actually offer small and big size. The small one cost around RM 20.00+, I would like to say that the small one the size almost like medium size rather than small as you can see from the picture above. So the bread really awesome and yummlicious, no wonder people say Kampar Curry Chicken Bread is the most nice one and we must not missed it when we are around Kampar. The bread really very soft, very very aromatic, very moist, very fluffy and was baked perfectly until golden brown also it look very very shiny. So I don't get to take a picture of what's inside because our mouth way faster than the camera click.
So last year, we held a small gathering and we decided to go Yau Kee again to try their Curry Chicken Bread because the first attempt we don't get to try it together and at the same time, we try out their other foods as well. So we ordered Sugar Cane as our drinks and it's super sweets, I don't know whether they add extra sugar syrup in it or not because sugar cane basically already sweet but this is like extra sweetened. And a big bottle of sugar cane, it cost us around RM 7.00  or so, quite affordable and we shared among six of us.
So tadaaa what's inside Curry Chicken Bread. Nothing really special to show, just to show for the sake of show what's inside the bread, it is just a packet or wrap of curry chicken inside the bread. Curry Chicken actually more like curry chicken stewed but we just called it curry chicken and it is everyone favorite. The ingredients mostly is finely grind onions, ginger, chili, tumeric, cinnamon and some other spices but these days we can get ready packs ingredients in supermarkets or wet markets, much more simpler and easier.

They have two types of chicken bread which is - Curry Chicken and Herbal Chicken and we ordered curry one same like previously I bought back for MummyQ and since they are also famous for curry so yeah and we love curry. Warning here, for those who can't take spicy foods order their Herbal Chicken because their curry pretty spicy, Chi's can't stand spicy food but still she go for it just dip her bread with just very lil curry gravy. The textures really thick and creamy, spicy, very flavoful, very aromatic and the color really really nice, lots of chicken meats as well but I really prefer if they can get rid of the bones and skins as well and add in some potatoes. The chicken really well absorb the curry and it's very soft and flavorful, oh yeah we ordered big one because there is six of us which cost only RM 30.00+ and I find that I can't have enough of it, I think I can have it for like a week or so and I must say that it is really really a must to try it out.
Yau Kee Noodle or more like Stir Fried Yee Mee but a bit different because it is more springy and less airy.  I really like it, very flavorful, the smell a lot more like yee mee and not that aromatic, lots of of ingredients and the portion is quite big however a bit too salty. I'm not a fans of yee mee because it's oily and have weird smell and airy but surprisingly I like this noodle very much. Very much alike yee mee but different feeling and slightly different textures. I wonder is it their special made because I couldn't fine it in supermarkets
So we have here is Claypot Lou Shu Fen or known as Bee Tai Bak in Penang and obviously is my favorite and definitely not Boyf favorite, however we still ordered it because the girls like it and was recommended by the auntie. I would say it's really nice but again a bit too salty, I really wonder they love salty food or the salt price is cheap. When it comes to non fat noodle, I'll love it very much so yeah and Lou Shu Fen is non fat noodle, girls who want on diet they can try this out. It has gravy and lots of ingredients, very flavorful and smell very nice, the portion also quite big and the claypot maintain the warm so it's really worth the try, the Lou Shu Fen really smooth, silky feel, soft and very shiny and the shape of it still in good condition because I once had broken shape noodle and it's very hard to eat it. Lou Shu Fen especially smooth and hard to pick up with chopstick but it's good that they cooked it in good shape and maintain it.

The environment just fine and usually they will lead you to air-conditioned restaurant then non air-condition and their service is quite fast and quite friendly, bring someone who know how to speak Mandarin or Cantonese if you don't know how to speak because they cannot speak English and you can actually see few newspaper cut-out about their restaurant on the wall and some photos taken with local and international celebrities (mostly from Hong Kong).

And their address is...
No. 55, Jalan Idris, 31900 Kampar, Perak.

Apollo Milk Chocolate Wafer Cream

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How long have I missed it already? Seriously I couldn't remember already, if I'm not mistaken ever since my primary school? During my 6th grade? When we was still celebrating Children's Day back then and our classmates distribute candies, chocolates, cookies and so on, I remember very well that special day is like we're celebrating Halloween in Malaysia during day bright. Since there's so many of us definitely our parent's can't afford expensive candies to distribute to so many of us so majority of us go for Apollo brand and we received it like as if we receive gold. Ok that's all for my blabbering, next let's see how is it look like.
Yup, that is how it looks like, not pretty enough for presentation not good enough to be put it as fine chocolate wafer as well but it is all worth it although it is just some cheap chocolate wafer but the memory worth it all. The reason I haven't have it for so long is because they did not break it down and sell it as it will spoil the wafer, either you buy it in dozen and have it or leave it. Chocolate was sweet but quite lots of it, the wafer was fully covered with it, cream between the wafer are creamy and sweet as well, actually nothing good with this chocolate wafers, it brings cavity to young children but which children doesn't like it when it comes to sweets right? The wafers biscuits was thin like tissue paper like, and once it touch your lips the biscuits melts and start to become sticky around your mouth and you have it eat it fast once you open the packet as the wraps doesn't help, its still become soggy that is why I can never buy it in dozen because I have nobody to share it with me until Boyf suddenly craving for it so we just bought it and share. It was good, 15 minutes of childhood happiness worth for the price we aid for it which just cost us around RM 3.00.

And to buy it, here's their address...
Anywhere in Malaysia Supermarkets and Hypermarkets.

Planet Popcorn @ Gurney Plaza

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Jing's got us this so call Planet Popcorn at Gurney Plaza and at first we are not so sure what in that box until we opened it and to our surprise it was popcorn varieties of popcorn, seriously I like their box it is simple and nice design also the color looks cute together more over for each flavors have their very own mascots.
So there is a box of six medium size packets consists of six different types of popcorn flavors and I got - Oripop, Ms. Melmel, Noriweed, Sunny-Cheesy, Mr. Toffee and Kimmy-G. So specifically in common word we have - Original, Caramel, Seaweed, Cheese, Coffee and Kimchi flavors in the box.
They also offer buckets size which is more expensive than the packets but I think packets will do because the size is quite big, it is more than enough for 2 person share. Basically I find it just normal with lots more varieties flavors, among the six flavors we only likes a few of it, which is original, caramel, seaweed and coffee. Both of us never is a popcorn fans even in cinema we never order one but this is something new to try on and worth the try at least once because I think the price is a bit too high up if so I prefer to buy it cinema food counter, the price for packets is from RM 8.90 - RM 11.90 and for buckets is from RM 15.90 - RM 21.90 while a box of six if I'm not mistaken is around RM 100, kinda expensive right?

And their address is...
Gurney Plaza Basement (Just opposite Bar-B-Q Plaza)

Sakae Sushi @ Tanjong Tokong

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I'm not a fans of Japanese food, but when do, I eat but only fully cooked, I'm a person who dislike raw food even a lil bit raw I will immediately stop eating it, I know Japanese food not only about raw food that is why I said when I do, I only eat fully cooked food. I'm not that stupid yet, there is few dishes I like in Japanese food, not that I really dislike it or what just not a huge fans of it.

Me and Boyf went for Japanese meal for dinner, as I'm craving for it, yes not a huge fans but sometimes I can still craving for it, after-all I'm human and have big appetite when it comes to food. Boyf love steam egg, so he ordered Sakae Chawanmushi, their specialty, I love egg too but I find that Chawanmushi slightly different from normal Chinese steam egg and I find it taste a bit weird? But I find Sakae Chawanmushi is acceptable because it's high in flavor, not sure is it because the mushrooms, crabstick or the shark's fin that helps out, smell nice and taste nice too also not that airy.
In Japanese food, the food I like the most is something involve with Japanese curry, honestly I can'y have enough for it and so I ordered Curry Udon. Honestly the portion is quite big or should I say large? I suppose it is suitable to share with 2 people instead eat it alone. Udon is one type of noodle use in Japanese cuisine, it is thick type of wheat flour noodle and usually serve in hot soup, imagine the portion and the thick noodle? It's super full and worth it! I taste really nice. The ingredients are quite simple - cubed potatoes, cube chicken meat, fish cakes and carrots and the amount of the ingredients are quite a lots. The curry textures also good, not too watery or too thick, the udon was well cook together with the curry as the udon have a very strong smell of curry, usually udon hardly absorb the scent of curry as it was thick but here they did it, and presentation was nice and funny as the spoon is so big like those spoon to use for spooning soup.
Boyf ordered Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl, the portion was big as well and the ingredients was quite a lots, it have radish, mushrooms, cubed grilled chicken and also some sauces. Presentation look nice to me as well but surely I won't comment regarding this taste matters as I did not get to taste it so it is best not to provide wrong information and Boyf just said taste quite nice nothing more.

For more information regarding Sakae Sushi - Promotion, Location, Contact and etc please click here. Thank you.

Couple Quiz Game

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Many lovers tend to assume that they know their another half better and vice versa. While me and Boyf have been dating for seven years and still counting and we still getting to know each other, as time pass people eventually will change to adapt to new environment, situation, and so on also busy life keep us tend to forget good memories. We occasionally play this couple quiz to get to know each other more better, of course not all questions are asked, just a few that suits that moments or time but many couple afraid to play this game for fear leading to arguments or worse leading to break-up or divorce (if you are married couple) situation or maybe leaving a black-hole in the relationship if you are still dating. I definitely would say don't take this game into personal or make it an emotional matter, it is a game that created to know our another half better and work things out instead of arguments or break-up.

Honestly we also scared of this game at first until one day we were suggested by our course-mates to go on stage for our lecturer couple quiz, we was studying about love in Positive Psychology and few couple was asked to go on stage and I was so scared so does he but it turn out to be good one and we think we should continue it.

So these is the questions we often asked each other and I think I shall share it because I think below questions are the most important question for a relationship to stay strong and relive your relationship. Of course the answer have to be honest and sincere.

1. Who is better in handling money/financial?

2. What was the first meal your partner ever cooked for you?

3. How many Ex's your partner have before you?

4. What is your partner favorite restaurant?

5. Does your partner prefer bikini or one-piece swimsuit?

6. What is your partner favorite place for vacation? (Local & Overseas)

7. When is your first kiss & where?

8. What was the first gift your partner present to you?

9. What type of student your partner was at school?

10. What was the first impressions your partner give you?

11. What is your partner favorite food?

12. When is your anniversary?

13. What is your partner biggest fear?

14. What type of movie genre your partner prefer?

15. What type of living style your partner prefer? (Big city or Small town)

16. When did the first "I Love You" was said and the most recently?

17. What's so charming about your partner that attract you?

18. What is it that make your love stronger?

19. What kind of future you both see together?

20. What is your partner favorite food?

21. What is your partner favorite color(s)?

22. What is your partner favorite season?

23. What type of embarrassing moments in your life and when?

24. What is your partner hobbies?

25. Who is your partner favorite celebrities?

26. Describe the perfect date you both prefer?

27. If there is something you want your partner to change, what is it?

28. What kind of super power your partner like and what kind of super power you prefer your partner have?

29. What is your partner favorite TV shows?

30. What is your partner favorite cartoon & anime?

31. What is partner shoes size?

32. What is your partner favorite junk food(s)?

33. Who is better cook?

34. What is your partner favorite ice cream flavor(s)?

35. What is your partner favorite candy bar(s)?

36. Where was your first date took place?

37. What was your first date meal?

38. What is your partner favorite theater snack(s)?

39. What is your partner best body features?

40. What is your partner bad habit(s)?

41. What is your partner most annoying habit(s)?

42. Describe the way your partner smell?

43. What do you do to annoy your partner?

44. Who is the first to say sorry when there is arguments?

 45. What is the favorite spot to kiss your partner? (Body parts & Location)

46. How many couple things you both have together?

48. What was your partner worse moment(s)?

49. What type of food your partner dislike?

50. What is your favorite time to spend together?

51.What color your partner dislike?

52. What type of dream house you like?

53. What type of dream house you both wish to have?

54. Who sacrifice the most in the relationship?

55. Who love who the most in the relationship?

56. What was the first movie you both watch together?

57. When and where he proposed?

58. Where and when was your first vacation together?

59. Who is the bad sleeper?

60. Who is more romantic?

61. What favorite activities you both like to do together/spending together?

62. Who is more patience?

63. What is your partner favorite collection(s)?

64. What is your partner weight?

65. What is your partner height?

Ok, a total of 65 questions to play with each other and have fun time to know each other better, don't be angry or dissatisfy with the answer, it is a game only to know our another half better. If there is disagreement, talk about it and make away, remember after all we are just human who are in love, mistakes and forget stuffs happen all the time, discuss about it then forgive them for the mistakes.

Ayamas Rice Set @ Batu Lancang

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Since my 4th Aunt moved from Batu Lanchang I have never got the chance to eat it again except Ayamas sausages that available at all groceries store, so I'm quite miss it actually, I did not know where to find it except Batu Lanchang branch and nobody bring me go there since then even until I has my motor license nobody accompany me to eat then later I had been busy with studies and activities, preparation for University entrance. Then during my internship at Ipoh,  I found one and I begged Boyf to bring me go, he laugh at me saying I'm so left out but he did bring me go and I'm a happy girl but I did not take any photo of it so I'm kinda regretted because I missed the chance until beginning of this year we made a visit at Ayamas again, not in Ipoh but Penang branch and this time I make sure that I took the photo, so above is the photo of Rice Set Lunch.

So both of us ordered Set A - 1/4 Chicken, Rice, Soup and One Cans Of Drinks. Both of us ordered Ayam Percik, actually I wanted to order Black Pepper but all was sold out so no choice. Basically Ayam Percik is grilled chicken with some spicy sauce, nothing so special about it but it was something good to try on and normally available only in Malay restaurants or you can find it Pasar Malam/Night Market food area.

All I can say here is, it was good, very flavorful, the chicken was tender, juicy and moist, very well prepared but one thing for sure is the Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - for seasoning, they use in cooking quite a lot as at the end of the meal both of us suffer night long thirst in our throat, not a good thing. And I find it very pricey for a meal like this, it cost us RM 10.70 for each so we paid RM 21.40 just for a meal like this. Just a normal chicken rice and drinks I simply drop by at any stall's it might just cost me the most RM 5.00 for one person plus with more varieties on the plate such as roasted chicken or steamed chicken, char siew and roasted pork plus a bowl of cabbage soup. As you can see from the picture, I had only three pieces of chicken minus all the bones out I had only about two pieces of chicken on my plate, besides that with two half slices of cucumber, I was like so speechless with their service. I definitely not going to dine or purchase any of their set meals anymore, I think I might be a fool if I give them another chance to burn my wallet just like that, ok fine, I might just buy their chicken not more than that. I is a very disappointed customers, hopefully they figure it out and fix the problem else other brands market will be ahead of you.

For more information regarding Ayamas, please click here.

And for their branches and address please click here. Thank you.

JJ Cakes & Swiss Roll @ Ipoh

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So Godsis got me this all the way from Ipoh, Perak, she said these swissroll are the the same as any other swissroll we have in the stores, at first I really don't believe it because so far I've tasted almost the same and I said this is something new to me. I got it at night where she passed it me straight after she reached Penang and said it have to be eaten within few days as there is no preservative added, of course I don't believe it but we did ate it the moment we opened the box and it taste really good, it was really fresh, you know I meant it really fresh and Godsis said they baked it in everyday-daily basis so every of their swissroll are fast dols out and she said she event need to make a call to book it.

We had Strawberry Swissroll, Mango Swissroll and Pandan Custard Swissroll, we like Strawberry Swissroll the best.
The swissroll generally less sweet and fattening and oily also the ingredients mixes in the cream uses fresh fruits so it is really juicy when take a bite on it, no added syrups in the fruits and the cream they use also is fresh cream, the swissroll really moist and soft although it was cold also very flavorful, the fragrance of the fruits mixes so well with the swissroll. It also stated that it must be keep chill or refrigerated and best to be eaten in 3 days and shall not be keep for more then 1 week, and a lil of it we kept in the fridge for more than 1 week and yup, proof that there is no preservative added because it is spoiled and we were shocked by it. I said the price of the swissroll is quite affordable as it just range from RM 8.00 - RM 15.00 I never know the price untill I google it as Godsis proclaimed it is very famous and yup there is all over the net and I get to know their price, if I'm going to down again to Ipoh and there is a lot of time left definitely I'm going to find this shop and bu their swissroll and of course they offer varieties of swissroll.

There is also news published in The Star Online, click here to read the article and here to direct you to their website.

And their address is...
36, Jalan Chung Thye Phin, 30250 Ipoh Perak.

Simple DIY Recycle Old Blouse Into Scarf

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Have you wonder what you gonna do with your worn off blouse? Besides donating it or throw it away? Well you can actually recycle it, either make it table cloths or floor wipers but sometimes your blouse is a lil too pretty to be wasted just like that right? Then why don't you DIY it into a simple scarf? It helps you to save some money as well as style you up whenever you are out for movies or dinner and even able to make a good use of recycle clothes to wear for another extra few years. Sound goods right?

So what you gonna need is:
Old Blouse/Shirt
1) Measures how much you want cut from the collar/neckline by using ruler and pencil to draw a line on it.
2) Follow the measures line then using scissors to cut it accordingly, it is ok if the cutting crook a bit, it won't visible when you wear it around your neck. If you scare small pieces of the clothes drop out or threat being pull out then you can actually slightly stitches at the end of the clothes, while me, I did not do it because I'm fine with it, my clothes being super nice to me and I'm lazy to do any extra work as long as it is wearable then I'm ok with it.
Then it is done! you can wear it now or later or future. I did not take a picture of me wearing the scarf as I'm not pretty or cute to be posted so I replace my Fatty's bear as me wearing the scarf, isn't simple and nice? And it is comfortable too.

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert House @ Cantonment Road

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We were once here together with course-mates and then we came again together with Jing's because she never been here before and we brought her here. People said this was not the original of Tong Pak Fu, they just used their name before the real one come but now the real one came but people still visit this place occasionally.

I've always love for Mango and I also love bean curd and here they offer both at the same time in a bowl and yeshhhhhhhh! I definitely order this Mango Soy Bean Curd and every time I came here surely I order this and Boyf get bored of me, he ask "Can't you try other stuffs? there is plenty other things to order from this menu."  I'm just nah I'm good. I say their mango was chill, sweets, soft, juicy and fresh. It's simple dessert actually, you can make it at home except the bean curd. Just puree the mango then blend with few ice cubes and cut the mango into cube size then serve together with the bean curd then tadaaa, ready to be serve. Actually there is nothing to unusual, I find it pretty ok but recently I pay a visit at there again and it seems like they did improve a lots just a lots more foreign workers. It's not that watery and small portion anymore but it very rich in mango, the textures was thick and the smell of the mango was strong and the portion bigger than last last time visit.
Then Boyf ordered Sea Coconut With Black Glutinous Rice. I did not tried it because I really not a fans of coconut and not in a mood trying it, not in a adventurous mode but Boyf said not bad.
And Jing's ordered Grape Aloe Vera. I thinks is good just too much of ice and it became watery too soon due to the humid weather we has here. Maybe one day I shall try it because Jing's said good but I'm not quite like it because the skin is unpeeled.

And their address is...
37D, Cantonement Road, 10250 Pulau Tikus, Penang.