Happy New Year and Happy Rooster Year 2017

Seriously I'm getting really lazy to update my blog now these days. I know I have a lot to updates and I do save drafted out post that I really want to share out but I seriously getting lazy, plus with only one computer and share by me and Boyf, I really don't have alone time with computer do to anymore posting like I used to when I have my personal laptop. 

Anyhow let's have a quickie updates on my last year 2016 Resolution Checklist whether I achieve it or not.

1) Work more smarter & wiser - Still need to improve
2) Play smarter 
3) Earn more - (Checked!)
4) Save more 
4) Blog more
5) Active in healthy events 
6) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas) (Checked!) - Japan/Ipoh/Kuala Sepetang/Terengganu
7) Learn more Arts & Crafts
9) Get a house 
10) Be healthy
11) Exercise more (Checked!)
12) Learn extra languages
13) Learn some make-up - I tried but failed
14) Strengthen my compromise and tolerance
15) Cook/bake more 
16) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan
17) Clear my CC loan
18) Repay study loan (Checked!)
19) Join some crazy games or sport
20) Collect more of my favorite collection (Checked!)
21) Be more giving than just receiving
22) Less lazy around

Basically out of 22 I just manage to do 6. Although I only able to achieve 6 but I felt last year I really do live my life a better and fuller one compared to previous year, I did not regret anything about it and did not disappoint any single moment of it .

So my 2017 Resolution Checklist will be...

1) Get a better career opportunity. (Time to move on for better prospect)
2) Save more. (Time to save up for house)
3) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas - Go to places never go before)
4) Get a house. 
5) Be healthy. (This year did not start well, medical problem starting of the year)
6) Exercise more. (Downloaded an Apps, hopefully it helps!)
7) Learn extra languages. (Downloaded an Apps, hopefully it helps!)
8) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan + House plan.
9) Clear my CC loan. (Going to end soon. Let's pray hard!)
10) Repay study loan. (Be more consistent)

I will not be greedy this year, but really narrow down to half of it because I really want to achieve the mentioned items. Those that not in the list doesn't mean I will not work in it but less focus. Quantity doesn't means quality right?

As of this Rooster year, overall my fortune are all not bad. I just hope I can get a better job this time round, like I said, time to move one for a better prospect. This year Chinese New Year are much more less happening compared to last year because the date fall on the weekend and economy are so so bad that people are not looking forward to it except for those working outstation and it is the time for big reunion. Unlike for me, I particularly doesn't looking forward for Chinese New Year because I just doesn't like social with people I'm not familiar with even they are relatives and questions they ask, I just reluctant to answer. 

I don't particularly dislike or like the celebrations however, I want this year to be a great year for me. Let's hope for the best and wish me all the best.

Wishing everyone have a prosperous, abundance and good health for this Lunar Year.

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