Wedding Photo Booth & Prop's

These day many wedding have photo booth and event managements' mushrooms up the business with many awesome and pretty ideas and different charges for different designs and requirements. It does makes your wedding reception look grand but all this charges is a little bit too expensive and I'm not willing to pay, I do want a photo booth for my wedding so everyone can have fun capturing the moment and we can talk about it later in life but I don't need a grand one, I just need simple booth set up with simple props but of course to do this I need good background like a plain wall or trees then, of course I need to search a venue that can support my ideas, I know I definitely can find such venue but I'm more worry of the venue rental cost.

Anyone have an idea of such venue in Penang with cheap price? Please do let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Remarks: Or I can buy curtains to use as the backdrop then later reuse it for house window curtain OR simple design like the first picture shown OR like the below picture to save photographer fees and charges.

While for the props. I know we can buy it through online and it is consider quite affordable to buy a set of it but after reconsider it, I will only use it once so it is a bit unnecessarily to spend the money for it. I know I know I know I sound very cheapo bride but I do plan to print it by myself, it is hard and I may be exhaust and tire with all the DIY works but I think worth it.

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