Wedding Aisle & Backdrops

As for my wedding aisle and backdrops I want something which can be DIY like curtains but to design it this way I need a stand or a bar to support it so, I need someone to help me to build it up? Of course I will pay for the work done and hope the person will only charge me with minimum payment.

As for shades, I always love for umbrella as below picture show, seriously sweet but I guess the cost is much more expensive than just set up canopies or tents rental. I think I will just opt for whichever cheaper but definitely must be according to my wedding theme, not just any tents or canopies if I were to choose that option.

My theme? Of course garden wedding with only close families and friends.

Penang is turning into concrete jungle soon and I think it will be quite hard to locate affordable garden to hold a wedding but I still put on hope.

Why I didn't choose Eastern & Oriental (E&O) Hotel, Lone Pine Hotel or Suffolk Home since they offer this services?

Reason/Answer: Price. Is. Expensive.

Any better ideas than below pictures? Please share it with me.

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