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Hi everyone, so sorry for the late updates these day as I have been demotivated on writing up although I have so many things to share but due to some reason I have been very demotivated but today I decided to update some.

I'm not getting marry yet nor plan to get marry but many of my close circles of friends are getting hitched from the market and their wedding seems to cost a lot, like about to burn big holes in the pockets. Then it lead me to think simple yet sweet wedding that won't cost much and land you in a big debt as Malaysians know best that now the everything is on spike rise.

Ok, I'm writing this for my future reference as well. I might getting marry one day and I don't want to burden my better half and myself with all the costly wedding expenses just for one day ceremony, I prefer to invest in something like travel or better home.

Many will let wedding planner or artist to decorate their wedding car but definitely they will charge you with the material and services price which I still feel this cost of price is unnecessarily, it might not be a pretty or as grand as the artist decorate it but I still believe simple yet meaningful is all I look for. After all, the wedding is about both of us become one.

I like above simple designs to decorate my wedding car and it can be DIY by myself with some recycle items and cheap materials.  

As for my wedding rings holder, I wanted to DIY it too or use washed off shore seashell, it does look pretty and romantic after some clean up or buy love lock then repaint it to hold the rings which later can be recycle to lock house gate. As for the first picture, I saw it in Pinterest which it was made of flour but not sure I'm capable of making one although it look nice, I decided to opt for something which I am more confident to make one like repaint lock, seashells clean up, mini felt pillow and mini picture frame which later can be recycle to use as earring hanger as well.

I do sound like cheapskate bride. Hahahah...

Instead of heels for bride and and leather shoes for groom, I prefer both of us wear something comfortable for the whole half day which require us to walk and stand for long hours. I don't want later that day after everything wrap up and our legs is too "paralyze" and bear the after effect of pain for few more days.

We both like sneakers so, why not we wear sneakers for our wedding? It is comfortable and unique plus point it is colorful and lively, we can run or dance whichever we prefer without worrying foot or toes blister afterwards. We can add some designs like above pictures to make it more special and even after the wedding we still can wear it to anywhere...reusable...

At the moment, I found this but do share it with me if you have better ideas. No rush, I'm not getting marry yet...

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