Happy 2016 Chinese New Year & Hou Yeah Year

This year company event decoration was also handled by M and me myself as the main coordinator, we both started early but we still unable to complete it due to so many unexpected circumstances that happened to both of us despite all the workload to complete before company shut down during the celebrations. Above is both of us working hard to complete the big picture of our monkey king. That's M hand diligently working to cut it.
Here is the 40% of the art work that I able to took a picture of it. The complete set, I wasn't able to take the picture due to really unexpected circumstances incident happened to me and I was on medical leave until the following week I return back to work. But the 100% art work really very nice although so many changes happened compared to our main original plan due to M and me suddenly on medical leave both at the same time and super thanks to my other teams whom lending us their time and hands to complete it.
Very naughty colleagues who Ang Pows my place instead of sticky notes.Really receives their loves to the max although it does makes me go speechless. Also helped me and M complete the 12 zodiac cycle on the wall. Isn't it pretty? All the monkeys was personally colored by each one of the team members in the office, basically this time round of decorations, everyone contributed their idea and artwork.
A closer look at my place! Aren't they are lovely colleagues of mine? Don't be jelly and I'm blessed to have them around me.
2016 economy in Malaysia really go terribly bad that the inflation rate is no joke at all. Everything shrink in size but the prices are sky rocketing. Used to receives really big and good quality hampers but this year really shrink. Anyhow, I'm still really thankful that we still able to receives it, after all it is about sincerity right? Thank you~!
My very first Ang Pow of the year. Frozen ang pow! Really? =.=''
Remember above I did mentioned I wasn't able to complete the artwork? I was admitted to hospital due to suspected dengue which turn out to be serious viral infection and serious acute gastroenteritis. While M was admitted to hospital due to dengue. First I was suspected dengue because in the office including M are about 6 people gotten dengue and they are all just seat around me. Luckily it is not dengue but the stupid viral infection and gastroenteritis also no jokes which until now I still feel the pain occasionally.
Everyone thank you for the beautiful pink flowers and basket of fruits. It is lovely and warmth to receive it. It does cheer up my day at the hospital.
Plus it also makes me feel like a VIP in the ward room =)

That's end of my lunar new year posting and hope the new year will bring me more luck, wealth and health. No more hospitalize and health issues! All I need now is luck and wealth due to the Malaysia weak economy and high living cost. May my wish can be summon this year. Dear all please bless me.

I hereby would like to... WISH everyone a...


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