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For the past few weeks, my baby fatty Yoshi has been losing her fatty appetite and fatty weight which really makes me worry about her, we both brought her to vet and eventually that fatty have worms in her baby tummy, YOU STUPID WORMS! I"M GONNA KILL YOU ALL! Baby was on the medication and now she have gain back her appetite and weight, still I'm sad because her baby fats all is gone, both her papa and me myself are working hard to feed back as much as we can according to her diet so she could gain back her previous weight. 

*Furbaby fall ill & the mama also fall sick*.

My fault also because I felt it is bad to keep her have dry foods always and thought she might be bored to it so I eventually bought tons of wet food for her and is the wet foods that cause her to have worms! Sorry baby, mama bad, no more wet food for you at the moment until you are fully recover and less wet foods for you after recovered. Also if mama got time, mama going to cook you healthy organic food for you. *fingers cross*

Dear all and furbaby parents, above are some useful info graphics for your reference regarding your furbaby behaviors and our do'd and don't to them. Although I have my furbaby for 7 years already but I'm still learning as her parent because as they age, their behaviors, emotion and etc change too, so I really need to pay attention on this as according to their(dog) world not only human world. 

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