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Saw this Lili Chin's on Facebook sharing and both of us decided to download it for our future use on our house decorations. Yup you read it right, for decoration, we plan to hang these cute illustration of furbaby on our house wall. We would like to relay our thanks to Lili Chin's for her cutely illustrate furbaby. Now I can imagine our future house cutely and lovely decorate.

I love dogs but have bad experienced with dogs, eventually I did overcome it with Ah Boy whom we once take care of him since baby puppy and a Boyf who loves dogs, who still guiding me about dogs. Remember in previous post I did mentioned my furbaby fall ill because of the stupid worms? He was there and hands-on on this matter and console me everything going to be alright. I'm thankful that he is guiding me all these knowledge about dogs and we are going to create warm and cute house in near future.

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