Yesterday, last week, last month and last year I didn't blog much because my work schedule is no joke and if there is time for me, I just give myself a well rest. 

Last year has been a good year for me and I have so much fun! Without realizing it the year has passed with a blink of eyes, time do have wings, they just flew.

Last year Christmas was good because I got the opportunity to in-charge of decorate the office and organize the holly celebration with the entire factory and corporate team. Well you can refer to the above picture of how I actually decorate the office, basically I just turn the whole office upside down and my MD SD just speechless with me because I just turn his Christmas tree into leafless and modern one. 

And last year although is good but still there is some huge disappointment moments happened. Life will never give you a straight line else, there will be no fun right?

So look back at last year checklist and see whether I achieve it or not...

1) Work more smarter & harder & wiser (Checked!)
2) Play even harder & smarter compared to last year (Checked!)
3) Earn more $$$ & save more $$$ 
4) Blog more *hopefully*
5) Participate more healthy event. Is a must to register PBIM 2015! 
6) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas) - at least one (backpack) (Checked!)
7) Learn more Arts & Crafts - (Checked!)
8) Become more tougher, brave, courageously & firm
9) 2015 is a year to lose weight
10) Target affordable house
11) Be more healthy
12) Become a responsible citizen. I must do this as I've promised myself but have yet to do it (Checked!)
13) Read more books (Checked!)
14) Save more $$$ as well
15) Spend more time with loved ones (Checked!)
16) Exercise more
17) Improve my languages 
18) Become prettier. I mean at least able to put on some make up. Learn.
19) Improve my fashion sense and shop more (Checked!)
20) Become better person (Checked!)
21) Strengthen my relationship with other although they are people that deserve a slap in their face. Compromise and tolerance Angeline. Compromise and tolerance. 
22) Be happier person and don't ever allow anxiety disorder and depression happen again (Checked!)
23) Learn to cook/bake more (Checked!)
24) Improve my driving skills (Checked!)
25) I think is time for me and Boyf to take more photos of ourselves 
26) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan (Checked!)

Total achieve: 13/26 (Half)

Half was ticked = consider not bad for me, especially someone so lazy like me. And 2015 I became a certified trainer for my company. BIG achievement for me and it help to unlock for better opportunity.

2016 checklist will be...

1) Work more smarter & wiser
2) Play smarter 
3) Earn more
4) Save more 
4) Blog more
5) Active in healthy events 
6) Travel/Trip more (Local/Overseas)
7) Learn more Arts & Crafts
9) Get a house
10) Be healthy
11) Exercise more
12) Learn extra languages
13) Learn some make-up
14) Strengthen my compromise and tolerance
15) Cook/bake more 
16) Be more proactive in the MWDW plan
17) Clear my CC loan
18) Repay study loan
19) Join some crazy games or sport
20) Collect more of my favorite collection
21) Be more giving than just receiving
22) Less lazy around

That is for my this year checklist. Do you think I will be able to make it? For some definitely will say this is easy peasy but for me this is never easy because my commitments is too much and self development is not a day or two can be done or achieve. Above all checklist is more to tolerance and discipline also self development. Hopefully I can make it! *Fingers cross*

P/s: Diet and lose weight will never ever in my list already because it is impossible for me and being slim is have no point if the health is not good.  

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