Varieties of Candies from Daiso

I love go to Daiso to buy their all kind of sweets/candies they offer at their snacks display. I don't know how it taste like but I like to try it randomly, like above picture shown i bought it randomly but it doesn't suit my taste so I give it to my relatives to have it.

Buying candies at Daiso is a gamble for me because I cannot read both Chinese and Japanese (Nihon-go) characters but is a fun gamble for me.
Although above pictured candies doesn't suit my taste but most of the times their candies suit my taste and I often buy from there because it tastes nice also the price per packet is cheap, worth the purchase.

Usually they sell hard candies but the size of the candies is big, way worth to buy from Daiso than local candies in my opinion. It is candies but surprisingly it doesn't taste too sweet either and very flavorful, the texture and taste is thick too.

Recently I bought another packet of candies from Daiso, apple flavor and it really freshen my mouth after an onion marathon for few nights for my dinner.

Since few years back I have started to buy candies from Daiso because of my cheapskate and demanding taste and I really happy to shop at there.

For those who have yet to buy anything from Daiso especially the candies then you can start to buy from there already, really worth the try.

Remarks: I usually go to Queensbay Mall Daiso for candies shopping.

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