Mi Band

Got this surprise gift from Boyf few months back when I'm having difficulties with my sleep pattern out of no reason, and he bought me this device to track my sleep pattern and at what time the sleep got disturbed.
 The band, adapter/charger and manual book.
Nice right? And so sweet of him to noticed my disturbed sleep, all these times I thought when he sleep he will sleep like a dead log but he notice. I have been complaining to him that he is not details and sensitive toward me but I guess I'm wrong, he cares and notices me, just that well, a man is a man and a guy is a guy, they show loves differently and this man of mine is one typical guy that don't show loves or affection openly, he show by all his actions.

Thanks to this device I now know what is the problem and have fix the trouble maker, since then I sleep soundly and manage to gain back my concentration and alertness. 

It is easy to wear, it just takes few hours to charge the usage and is waterproof. Besides, works as sleep tracker, it is very good for those who love exercise to track your health and an alarm too. 

I'm not a healthy person so I don't wear it often, like whenever I got sleep problem I only wear it to sleep to track. Maybe I should start some exercise and utilize.

Is it cheap and can be bought from Mi website too. Please click here to direct to the page and here to the product information. 

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