Mars VS Snickers

I know usually gymers will have this before any gym exercise or marathoners eat this for energy booster to complete the marathon.

Here I am here not a gym nor marathon person but I have this because sometimes I crave for it.

I'm not big fans of chocolate but I never dislike them either too. I need them especially during my menstrual cycle, not always but sometimes the cycle really kill me internally.

After few years of trying both flavors and determined which is my favorite flavors, I guess Mars tastes better but Snickers are good during my menstrual cycle.

During the internally killing process of my menstrual cycle I will have Snickers but if for fun and craving fix, it will be Mars.

Can you share with me which is your favorite?

Actually I still don't know which is my favorite because I just them to save from the menstrual pain...

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