Yi Cafe @ 1st Avenue

Ages ago, I have a friends gathering at this cafe for lunch. It is one very quiet cafe during the weekdays and their cafe location is very well hidden in the basement and recently I wonder their business is still operating, if yes, how they survive as the mall not an active mall too and they are more to fusion foods, not an authentic Japanese foods. Overall the food is not bad. Above is their dessert, Green Tea Jelly. It doesn't taste too sweet but the texture is a bit too hard.
They have ala carte and set meals so we order set meal for ourselves, every set meal comes with dessert and cordial drinks and I requested for Orange Cordial, since it is cordial and standard taste for every cafe so I have no comment on this.
This is their Miso Soup, very light taste, edible but there is no additional ingredients like tofu and seaweed to eat, only have spring onions to add on the flavors.
My main course, Chicken Teriyaki Bento. Overall the taste is okay, the chicken is well glazed with the teriyaki sauce just that the meats is not well marinated so it taste bland and rely heavily on the sauce which later I cannot finished the meal also because there is nothing for me to taste.

Price wise, not bad and worth the try but environment wise, the cafe is too dull.

And their address is...
Lot LG-72, 1st Avenue, 182 Jalan Magazine, 10300 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

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