Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink

Decided to dye my own hair because I'm broke but I need to look good during last Chinese New Year and bought Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink to dye at home and also because of the packaging looks cute!
Inside the box consist of gloves, instruction manual, hair conditioner, comb, dye color and the color mixtures.
After the mixture, dye, wait, wash, condition, blow dry, comb and snapped a picture of it. This is the result, not bad right right? But please IGNORE the bald part of my hair...I'm having bad hair falls starting this years, I think the age has hit me badly plus bad heredity from parents.

That's not the focus part, the FOCUS part is the hair color. Since I do it by myself, some part is not well covered and still can see my grey hairs striking out underneath. Overall, I like the color. Nice try and definitely will try again near future.  

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