Noodle Station @ Sunway Carnival

Boyf was in the moods to bring me somewhere else for our weekend date and we went to Sunway Carnival Mall at Penang Mainland where I never go before. During our lunch break, we randomly decided to try on this restaurant after see their menus of what they offer.
I ordered Spicy Trio Springy Noodle because in the menu it stated is their signature dish. By the look, it does look a bit disappointing, it doesn't look spicy at all and the color looks a bit too light. But the taste did not disappoint me, it is very flavorful and spicy, maybe due to the hot broth. I'm sweaty and felt that my craving for spicy food is fixed.
Boyf ordered their Tom Yam Fried Rice, he said the taste was not bad but the rice texture is a bit too watery and it makes the fried rice looks like in lump and sticky. Also, the presentation is a bit too plain?
As for drinks, I ordered Babycino, all I can say is, it tasted not bad.
Boyf ordered Ice Mocha Blend and it taste so nice compared to mine! The aroma is to strong, the taste is to thick but at the same time it tasted sweet too, if only they can lessen the sweetness then it would be awesome already.

And their address is...
UG-25, Upper Ground Floor, Sunway Carnival Mall, 3068 Jalan Todak Pusat Bandar Sebarang Jaya, 13700 Penang, Malaysia.

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