Homemade Affogato with Trung Nyugen Coffee & Nestle Vanilla Ice Cream

I'm sweet-tooth person and I especially love Affogato, a kind of coffee that will fix my both ice cream and coffee craving.

It is quite expensive for buy one and the size any cafe offer offer also small in size so I decided to make one at home to fix the craving.

I bought a very nice Vietnamese ground blend coffee beans and decided to make use of it. Those who love coffee, try Vietnamese coffee, you'll love it but it takes 20 minutes to get the thick texture from the coffee drips and the aroma really makes you energetic.

I'm using the Vietnamese ground coffee beans and also using Vietnamese coffee filter to make the coffee which takes 20 minutes to extract to coffee.

After the coffee extract, just scoop a scoop of vanilla ice cream and throw it in into the mug.

Then it is ready to serve.

Easy isn't it?

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