Hotel Siswa @ Kampar

Hotel review this time!!!

During my undergraduates year, my final year, my last paper, I decided to moved out from my rented house and stay in this budget hotel to keep my focus in studies to avoid my distraction as many have finished their papers, started to party and packing and left the neighborhood which make me felt insecure and I lost my focus because I wanted to go back as well. I do not want to retake my papers so I just move out and stay in this hotel for dew days.

Their exterior doesn't look bad but wasn't very appealing, I didn't put on high hope for this hotel but with the price they offer and the facilities, environment, design of the room, cleanliness and their service impressed me. Not to forget the room is very spacious!
My room window view. It looks very greenery which good for your eyes and give a calm feeling.
The bathroom also very spacious and have this very homey feeling.
They have this small TV in the room as well. It does make me feel like I'm in my room.
We even have space to roll around on the floor to study and they have this simple hanger for us to hang our wet towels. Their room definitely make you feel like as if you are at your room, well that is the feeling they gave me.
Overall, it is a not bad budget hotel. Instead of hotel I think their concept more to

For more information, you may click here for their facebook account and here for their blogspot.

And their address is...

No. 3, Jalan Siswa, Taman Kampar Siswa, 31900 Kampar, Perak

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