Green Garden Food Court @ Lintang Slim Part 3

In my previous posting, I did mentioned that I misplaced some of the foods photos which you can refer at here. So, I managed to find the photos and 're-color' it for better looking pictures.

Actually this food court really not a famous place to be well-known but it is a place where the neighborhood often dine-in place, if you are not icky picky person type, you can actually the foods here tasted not that bad although the environment of the food court might turn down your appetite. The foods price they offer at there wasn't very expensive, which I refer kind cheap to have that amount of portion, taste and varieties.

There is a stall selling Chu Char/Seafood who manage by an elderly uncle who also hire elderly people to be his helper which as waiter, cashier and menu order taker. Their food is really cheap, the taste is Okay-la-not-so-bad type of feeling and of course not really presentable type of food you can find in restaurant. Sometimes you can find that you are doing some good deeds indirectly when you dine or order his foods because he also hire drop-out school people to help him. 

Me and Boyf also MummyQ often have take-away from here, but rarely dine-in at here due to the environment. 

Our usual order is this Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaf with Sambal. It might not a familiar dish for some but I grow up in a small village which this dish is very common dish for us to the extend I got bored with it and started to hate it but MummyQ loves it very much. I usually love spicy food and have very strong taste or after taste of spiciness but here the flavors is more likely to lightly mild level and the the sauce is a bit too watery.
Pai Kut Ong (King Spareribs) which something I like because this dish somehow remind me of my childhood. This dish is more to suit the Malaysian taste, it is similar with sweet and sour pork but the taste of it is different, very decent dish for children to adult. Uncle pai kut ong tastes better than sweet and sour pork, I definitely recommend you to order this than sweet and sour to avoid disappointment but still a bit too oily and the meat is hard to chew.
I have always like Fried Beancurd with Minced Meats and Mushrooms because I find it in this simple dish, it have all its proteins and vitamins. Uncle dish was Okay, the flavors was mild and smooth which it is suppose to be, what is lacking here is the beancurd is too airy, low quality beancurd he buy there but what to expect when all the food is cheap.
I love eggs but uncle's egg often disappoint me,no matter what eggs I order, above picture is Fried Eggs with Onions. It always got burn, inside the eggs is too airy and it contains too much oil. At times I wonder I'm eating the eggs or I'm slurping down the oil.

When I said cheap, it is cheap. Above 4 dishes plus 3 plates of rice for three person is only RM12, how on earth to find such CHEAP chu char in the city? This is definitely the MOST cheapest chu char I encounter so far with reasonable taste. It definitely worth the try if you wasn't picky with foods.

And the address is...
Solok Slim, 11600 Jelutong, Penang

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