DIY Tug & Pull Dog Toy

Seriously I have too many unused clothes especially I have keeping my primary and secondary school, those clothes still in good and wearable condition just slightly worn off, even we donates our unused clothes to the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) but we still get goodies from all the events we participated so the clothes keep piling up. Coincidentally, Yoshi lost her play toys during that time, first I decided to buy one for her but who's knows the inflation in Malaysia was so serious that the price of Tug & Pull for dogs is so expensive in the market now. *Sigh*

So I decided to just simply make one for this naughty girl of mine to play with me, I just go to the next room wardrobe to dig out some old and unused clothes.

Materials needed...

1. Unused clothes
2. Pencil
3. Ruler
4. Scissor
5. A pair of hand

The steps...

1. Layout the unused clothe on the table
2. Cut out the sleeves and collar/neckline part
3. Measure and draw each lines with 5cm apart
4. Cut each lines carefully according to draw lines
5. Layer all the stripes together, top of each others
6. At the end of the stripes, tied a dead end tightly
7. Then braid it tightly with the pretty hand
8. Tied a dead end at the another side of the stripes
9. Cut out any excess
10. Tadaaaaaaa~is ready to use

It is just that simple although it doesn't look glamorous pretty like the ones in the markets BUT it is something we can help to save a few bucks instead of carelessly. And my naughty daughter LOVES it so much that she keep playing with it. Hard work get its best repay! It doesn't matter what others comment on this but as long as my daughter is happy and loves, I feel worth it!

P.s: The left picture of the fatty teddy girl just join the fun being in the photo because simply I find it cute! My companion while doing the crafts.

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