Bamboo Catering (M) Sdn Bhd

Few years back when I was just a fresh graduate and I accepted a short-term worked period while waiting for better opportunity, during that time all the staffs was invited to celebrate Teacher's Day where this is the first time I celebrate it as a academic staff instead of a student side of view.

So, the admin invited this catering vendors to served all the academic staffs and this is the first time I heard of Bamboo catering. Many know and aware of this catering and many is satisfy with their food quality, services and price range. I can see why they compliments this catering because I'm a satisfied customer of their's.
It is a buffet style so there is no serving presentation but their food serving colors is nice.That's not the important point, the important point here is the foods tasted nice! Usually catering buffet foods as I experience so far is always very disappointing or so-so only but bamboo catering really doesn't disappoint me yet. Their foods give me a good impression and more open up to buffet catering.
Their vanilla and chocolate sponge really spongy, moist, flavorful and fluffy but the scent or the aroma of the cake is too light but what do you expect when it comes to catering buffet vendor, the cakes itself is already above the expectation from me to them.
Ice shaved was ok only nothing so special about but I like simple ice shaved and I love munching on ice, I'm an ice addict so their ice shave kinda fix my craving at some point.

Please the link at here for more information. Thank you!

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