After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins

Few months ago, Jing's was away for some short escaped from work and she bought us some chocolates and I really appreciates she still remember my flavor liking. Mint. It looks like an expensive chocolates because of its packaging and name but thankfully it is an affordable one else, I definitely will feel guilty.
I unpacked the plastic and open up the box to looks the inside packaging and it looks beautifully arrange in smooth black paper bag and the chocolate looks so shiny.
Doesn't it look expensive chocolate to you? It does to me.
The milk chocolate was sweet, shape in thinly square shape and inside of it have have this chocolate mint ganache filling. It have a smooth chocolate taste as well but if you ask me will I buy one and keep at home to eat? I will say no unless I have many relatives in one roof because inside one box I keep eating but it never finish...I suggest they sell smaller box for individual like me alone to enjoy.

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