Green Garden Food Court @ Lintang Slim Part 2

Previously I have blog about this food court near my GrandMama place but I missed out this few more foods that I like at there so here I am again, click here to read previous post. Thank you.

Although this food court is not a well known place but there is a few stalls that worth the try sometimes. First of all I would like to introduce this Seafood Grill stall, highly recommended but please don't pay a visit because I'm selfish and I don't like my favorite food finish before my eyes. The reason is because the uncle only sell limited amount of seafood only. I usually go for Stingray Grill because it is my favorite of all when it comes to grill seafood. The fish was was fresh, the meats was soft and juicy, it tasted sweet as well because of the freshness. The spices was well mix and it blend well with the other ingredients such as the dipping sauce. It was flavorful by just one bite and it is very aromatic as it was pressured grill with the banana leaves where leave some sweet and flavorful scent in it.
Another stall that worth the try is this small Thai food stall situated outside of the food court. If you are some one like spicy foods then this is the right place for you because their Tom Yum Fried Rice is quite spicy, the rice portion was big but it is a bit too moist but not too sticky, very flavorful and full with spices aromatic smell. Every of the ingredients and spices was well mix and everything tasted fresh and nice plus the colors of it looks very pretty isn't it?
For someone like me who love spicy foods, the tom yum fried rice spiciness alone is not enough for me therefore I need their Sambal for additional spiciness. Their Sambal is no joke, definitely will kill your taste bud, you'll feel numb the more you have it. It has a strong aromatic smell but only for those that like raw chili smell and prawn paste as well as garlicky smell. Something that I won't have too much as well because of the smell but in term of spiciness it is really a good sambal to have.

And the address is...
Solok Slim, 11600 Jelutong, Penang.

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