Angel's Cafe @ Love Lane

The food here is nothing so special but the price they offer to students can be considered quite cheap as they offer 10% discount for every foods and beverage, it is just a normal cafe - I means like kopitiam only but offer this privilege really draw many students to dine at there plus their cafe was operate at a very strategic location where there is three schools around it, mine and Boyf school was one of it.

We often go there during afternoon for lunch after school before go back home or before go for tuition classes. Some sort of our dating spot back in the days. Sometimes we dine at there for breakfast too if we plan to meet before go to school. Ahhh...those days when we were young and in love and being poor students, no fancy gifts or restaurants and dating secretly.

Breakfast we usually go for simple dim sum they offer at their cafe such as Siew Mai and Loh Mai Kai (Marinated Steamed Glutinous Rice with Mushroom and Char Siew). Siew Mai taste wasn't that great because they also bought from the ready made market, so nothing is so special about it and they also reheated it over and over again that at times you get too soggy and bloated Siew Mai that doesn't look pretty but still edible. However, I'm kind of like their Loh Mai Kai because after over and over reheat it, the glutinous rice has become really sticky and soft but of course the fragrance will not be that strong anymore and the ingredients will not be as fresh as other, it will be much more oilier as well but it was much more flavorful as the the glutinous rice was marinated long enough.
We used to be just students and only have our allowance to spend on for a day, during that time RM 10 is huge amount for us but definitely we have to be careful of what we spend because it will determine our stomach well being from morning until night also our transportation fee to tuition centers.
Fried Tom Yum Maggie was our favorite back then as the portion and price was reasonable. It's the famous meal order by bunch of students back then. It is not too spicy or sour, the noodles wasn't too soggy or hard, taste was not bad although it is not the best but something students will satisfied with it according to the price they pay. Ingredients wasn't that much, mostly thinly slice fish cakes and fake slices of crab sticks meat. Overall, not bad.
Morning if Boyf and me decided to meet then we will wake up extra a Lil early then we met at there for breakfast. As of breakfast, I usually don't take heavy food unlike Boyf who took extra miles when it comes to breakfast due to morning football session with his friends. So I most of the time will order American Breakfast Set. Definitely very simple simple American Breakfast where everyone can cook it at home but buying the ingredients and cook it alone is a lil bit too expensive and all the dishes that need to be clean up is a bit too hasty, I rather go out to eat than wake up super early to cook as well. Overall the food taste are not bad but what matter the most for me is the memory we both shared together.

 At first I tried to write a post about to share but I found that they have relocate their cafe to another place and the old cafe was transform to some other modern cafe for the youngster to enjoy.

Their address is...

*Remark: I don't know the exact address is but I can roughly tell the location. However you have to locate the place by yourself.

The new place is at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. Opposite Goddess of Mercy Temple and beside The Star News office.

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