New Toy. Mi Band

For past few weeks I have been having sleep problem, I do have enough sleep hours but I don't feel that I have enough sleep, I was totally exhausted when I wake up. Informed Boyf about this matter and he ordered this new toy for me and himself to track our daily health routine.

After Boyf received the parcel and opened the surprised for me, he asked me to go google about it for more information. Eventually I was captured by it colors then questions Boyf of why didn't buy the colors one instead black is the one he chose, he said he wanted but in Malaysia currently they only have black. After confirm with others, I accept his reason.
Pretty right? How can you not attracted by its colors. Especially the one in pink and green colors. Besides that, as you can see the price is exceptionally cheap compare to its technology.
Here's is the brief introduction of the band from its website.
For exercise use.
To monitor your sleep.
Be your alarm through vibration.
Be your phone security system.
Even there's incoming call, it will vibrate to alert you.
And so. This is how our package looks like and it does look simple with classy appearance.
Here is the band inside the small box. Classic isn't? Yet the design is so simple.
The band, the USB charger and the instructions booklet.
How does it looks? Not bad right? I've been wearing it almost a month and the performance so far still doing fine and I'm happy with it. However, I find something is lacking in this device. Time. It is lacking its function to perform as a watch but what should I expect since it is so affordable. It will definitely do better if there clock functions. Although it is lacking in some parts but as of now. I'm doing and getting better sleep since then as I myself can monitor my health more wisely.

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