The Cream & Fudge Factory @ KLCC

Family short escaped to the city after a decade long. Mummy Q was not really pleased with the crowds and said so much changes have happened since her last visit, she just took a few strolls around the mall then decided to stop by a kiosk selling ice cream to have a look at it, The Cream & Fudge. She have sweet tooth and yes I got inherited by it.
Jars of additional ingredients you wish to be added in your ice cream and actually you can do so if you don't mind about the price.Pretty and so tempting isn't it?
List of menu and the choices you can decide and DIY on your ice cream. Is the time you get your creativity on the roll in your ice cream!
Unfortunately I was so dumb that I just ordered Mint Ice Cream mix with Chocolate Maltese!!! Oh Gosh WWHYYYY! Then it would be the same as chocolate mint ice cream, no different at all, I should have add in something else like banana, cinnamon, cherry and etc. Nevertheless, I'm still happy with my choice, because I can never get bored of the taste. The cream wasn't too creamy, wasn't minty enough and the scent also s little bit light BUT one thing that really caught my attention is the sweetness level. The ice cream aren't taste too sweet and the textures also quite soft.

Though slightly a bit over price but once in awhile to get indulge in this should be fine but no too often. However, the flavors will not make me craving it for more, something is missing in the flavors. Put that aside recently they just open another branch in Penang Island and it is located at G Hotel there. The location wasn't strategic enough but I've dropped by to have a try, the staff wasn't very good in introducing their best seller ice cream so I was a bit turn off by it. I will visit the branch because I would like to have my ice cream.

And their address is...
Level 2, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 KL City Centre, Kuala Lumpur

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