Shan Shu Gong @ Malacca

A must visit place when go to Malacca for holidays and try out their varieties ice cold Nyonya desserts during the humid weather, it definitely will chill you down and feel refresh. Totally!
Since Penang have its original like here so I decided to try out something different at here that Penang don't have, which is Durain Cendul. The packing and presentation was nice and very unique too but somehow I don't feel its original, maybe to put in a bowl look much more better.
Ta-da~, such a big portion but well I like cold stuffs so it really satisfied me especially during this hot weather. The portion is quite big, the shaved ice is fined, doesn't taste too sweet nor too plain, very flavorful both Gula Melaka and Durian but the coconut textures a bit too thick but still ok as the ice melted and dilute it a bit. Worth the try though and the environment was nice and cozy too hang out.

And their address is...
No. 33, Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca. (Is around Jonker street)

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