Pere vs Mere

A scenario which I guess the mother is the head/lead of every household's. No matter whether is a son or daughter, as long as they are the children's they will find their mother more often than they find their father. Not sure does this only happen in Asian countries or it happen to western countries too.

I think it does happened to me when I was younger but as I grow older things has cut down and now mostly the questions I ask is "where's my clothes". LOL. While I hardly speak to my pere because both of us like cat and dog whenever to talk to each other, must be an enemy in our past life. True fact. That which is why I can't connected with my pere nor mere too. As of mere our age gap is too big that I hardly can find topics to talk to her or vice versa. And I hardly can act aegyo or my soft spot in front of them. Have to act tough. Luckily enough I found my another half to ask those questions that I've stop asking my mere. It's quite fun to be like a child again. And I hope this shall continue until death do us parts.

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