Zoo Taiping & Night Safari @ Taiping, Perak

Actually this post I have delayed too long for the write up and reason was being lazy to do so. Can't help because I'm a procrastinator champion. Overall, it is a fun 1 day trip with the gang but not really pleasant environment because when we pay a visit time, the weather is crazily hot and humid, plus the surrounding of the zoo is so dirty and everywhere there is rubbishes, plastics and other wastage but inside the zoo fortunately is clean else I'm going to launch a report already. I personally think they should improve on that more over it is a tourist spot, definitely not a good sight and scent once you step down from your car. Very bad impression or image.
And they have this price banner hanging at the entrance. Again it is not a good sight. Technology has advance and it makes things easier to refer, simple and nice presentation to place the advertising rather than a banner that sway or flip whenever there is wind. It has a very detail information of price and packages they offer and I really appreciate that but things can be improve in future more better services.
The route map for tourist to refer. The normal map for day activities and the evening map for the night safari activities. Very simple and informative map.
There is this outdoor Koi's fish pond and their size is quite big, pretty and looks healthy. The only that doesn't look pretty is the pond water, it is so greenish that it makes the fishes doesn't look appearing.
The Greater Flamingo that even tried to avoid the super hot sun.
How can they able to support their body weight with their so thin legs? Amazing! It would be even nicer if the color is reddish pink but I think that would be another different species of flamingo.
The African Savanna, which we can see the zebras and the ostriches.
One ostrich that look just woke up from its nap and it look so messy and blur while looking at your group of friends with shocking face.
Another zebra that look far far away wondering its future or maybe thinking of its homeland...
The Giraffe Zone
Although it is a Giraffe Zone but I guess someone got lost while wondering how to go back to its own flocks with amazing sexy classic pose.
A bunch of Sika Deer's (I think so)  munching on their lunch meal under the hot sun but they look so pretty!
A loner deer doesn't joined others on their lunch time and, its face doesn't look pleased though, must be we have annoyed him/her from his/her sunbath.
We go the chance to feed them through the gated fence and they are so adorable!!! So much love that we spend quite some time just for them.
A very shy baby elephant having her lunch, I guess is a she because of her name but I've forgotten her name.
And a very protective parents looking after their baby, never ever mess with protective parents because the consequences is unmeasurable.
Very tired and fat crocodile sunbathing under the hot sun and don't even bother to give us a glance.
An alligator that also took the chance for sun bathing but did greeted us in not so friendly way as we were too noisy.
So so so displeased after visited the camel zone. What is this?! It look so skinny that I can see its ribs! The surrounding doesn't look good for this poor fella compared to others! It look dehydrated, obviously very lethargy and demotivated though we tried not to disturb him/her, he/she looks very sad and heart broken, plus what is those color tainted on its body? Taiping Zoo management, please look into this matter.
Barely able to see the tigers because they are hiding from the sun heat but able to took a few glance when they walked by to hide under the big trees. Still their roaring amazed me. SO Glory and amazing!, so handsome too!
The Kangaroo's and baby kangaroo's having their lunch, so adorably cute! How can they be so cute but their size is a bit small. So cute that I want to hug them and feed them personally but afraid that they might not like it and kick me away, then it will be a very sad story. Luckily they don't allow tourist to feed them.
I don't know what bird is this, but she/he really look pissed and angry but I find it very cute though.
Then I saw this Panther walked passed me through the gated fence and wow I'm so amazed by it, thought I know it is dangerous but at the same time really would like to give a hug and stroke it. So manly handsome look, so charismatic and so glory. Is my luck I able to took this photo so near and clear.
This is the Flamingo I'm talking about! So pretty but wasn't able to go nearer and see them clearly, that's the best I can take a picture shot of them because many of the beautiful animals there are avoiding the hot sun of the day
Took another chance to take their picture after visit and fortunately able to take a bit nearer picture of them.
Very tired and boring looking Rhinoceros. Definitely not sleeping as I can see their eyes are open but do look very moody and sad. And again I noticed that their physical not really fit again because I can spot on some of them is skinny that I can see their ribs again. Not really impress with the management at there.
Even the Buffalo avoiding the super hot sun under the short trees. But that's fine for me because in Malaysia we have lots of buffalo and I've seen it sine young. Rest well and hide well dear buffalo, lol.
Hippopotamus also getting itself get soaked by cold water and hide under the big trees. We even have to walked pass the the wet places to see the hippo because he/she hiding so well that we cannot see him/her from another side.
Wild Pig??!!! Isn't it should be WILD BOAR? Excuse me, What is this Zoo Taiping?! It should should an education place for children to learn animals name correctly!
I've forgotten the name, it does look scary but cute at the same time due to its small body. Was looking at us furiously and have this small eyes stared at us taking picture of him/her.
The boring look of a Black Bear. So cute!!! Actually is not boring but because of the weather most the animals feel tired and lethargy also sleepy. It does happened to me too on the day itself. Damn tired.
Otter Otter Otter!!! I love Otter! They have this disease called cute disease that eventually makes everyone fall for it cuteness. Seriously, how can they be so cute?
Grumpy and sleepy owl XD
Some arrogant owl with that look down on you face, AHAHAHAHAHAHahahahhahh...no la...is the angle problem actually but it does look cute!
Beautiful Parrots strolling and looking around the tourist that looked at them, then present themselves confidently
Very colorful unflappable bird which I have forgotten the scientific name, very smart looking fella.
Another unflappable bird that is very pretty and very cool in its colors, however, it does not look please when he/she sees us as he/she chirped/squeaked at us with angry eyes glare. Maybe we are cooler than he/she? Hahahhahaha...
Burung Cinta in Bahasa Malaysia but if it was directly translate then it will be love birds, however, it has its own longer name - Peach Faced Lovebird. To me it doesn't look like love birds but more to local traffic lights, it has the same sequence - Red -> Yellow -> Green isn't it? Still it is a very pretty bird.
Another species of pretty Parrots that having an intimate bonding time during the daylight and ignore the watchers that looking at them.
Peacock! During my Kampung (living in rural area - village) days back then as a kid, I used to see this very often and didn't bother about it until development happened so rapidly that now I only can see it in ZOO! Development is good but not until the great treasures is gone for the future generations to experience it. Now we need to pay to see the animals like buffalo and peacock whereas it used to be running freely at kampung.
Unflappable bird again with ancient hat on it! It looks like Korean Gisaeng to me though, very elegant and pretty but need a hat to hide the face from the locals, even the face look like there is a make-up on.
There is so many of unflappable birds that the zoo and this will be the last one, not very pleasant bird although is in small size, not pretty as well instead it look like there is blood shot in its eyes from the humid weather. Ergh, not my favorite bird compared to others.

Overall it is a memorable trips for me together with the gangs before we parted, we have lots of fun, laugh, jokes and teasing each others while we strolled around the zoo for few times although the environment wasn't really pleasant that we decided not to stop at there to have our meal instead to drive down to Ipoh to have our late lunch because the surrounding really makes us lost our appetite.

Is a tourist spot so do something, I might visit again if there is an improvement made. Anyway thank you for the memory!

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