Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink

This year I unable to pay extra to dye my hair as I've spend a huge amount on my hair in treatment, straightening, cut and wash so I have search for other alternative way, cheaper way to make my hair more alive and pretty.

During groceries shopping at Tesco for Chinese New Year, I stopped by at the beauty counter to looks for affordable, good quality and nice hair dye, actually this is my third times dying my hair by myself. First time was using the left over color potion from Boyf, second time was because I was given a box to try it and this is my third time, I bought it by myself and try it, so, I have to carefully choose the brand, the quality and so on. Eventually I chose Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Champagne Pink, is a brand that I put my trust with due to their quality, I've been using this brand since the first time I dyed my hair at hair salon to their varieties of hair products they can offer at the markets.
Inside the dolled up box have:

1. Instructions of how to use and the steps
2. A packet of gloves
3. Comb cap
4. Color paste
5. Color potion, and
6. Color treatment after shampoo.

I just follow what the instructions told me to do as I'm also quite noob in this matter, not a dolled up lady.
The after all the hasty and nasty work done to make my hair pretty and alive. Thanks goodness the color came out to be so nice and pretty. This is the look at the brighter side, more appealing but please ignore the loosing hair at the middle/center-part, you  know hereditary from both parents is unavoidable.
Here is another side of the color at the not so bright side of the room, pretty isn't it? Worth the try and risk that I took. Should do this more often to save some extra few bucks for it instead at hair salon. Looking forward as the day passes by to see how the colors turn to after few wash.

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