Happy Sweet & Simple Valentine's Day

This year our valentine's day rather very simple only as we are lazy to out to celebrate. Is it we are getting old already or we've been in relationships for ages that we don't think we need to go through valentine's day every year more over we are seeing each other every single day and have dinner together everyday. This year we just stay-in in the bed, cuddles and more hugs while watching movies and varieties show through online streaming. Plus this old couple runs some errands for personal and family especially for Chinese New Year since it is just few says to go.

We just cooked some frozen foods and microwave-oven foods for our lunch and dinner. More to instant food based on that day, not very healthy lifestyle but yes like I said we are being too lazy to do anything, too lazy to join the crowd during this occasions and get our pocket burn. But we have our sweet romance on bed with DIY Homecooked Desserts, we bought different ready cut fruits at the road side push-card then came back home with just added in chilly cold vanilla ice-cream. Ta-da~, beautifull isn't? It taste awesomely handsomely nice. Slurp! And the colors looks pretty too! Should do this more often in future!
But this cute Boyf of mine did simple surprised for me, which he bought s slice of Fresh Cream Strawberry Cake for me, not expensive, luxurious or any kind of fancy gifts or presents but a slice of cake. He took my whining of having a cake as my valentine's present due to it's been so long since I had any cake, is like months ago! People like me who tend to crave for sweet desserts, months will be like years for me, is hard to control the feeling and often feel down. So he brought me a slice of cake and I love it so so so much! We even shared it together. Simple romance we have. Didn't know he bought it too when we went to Gama Supermarket for some groceries shopping. This cake is from Four Leaves Bakery, a bakery shop that well-known by the locals for its freshness. Ya. I like this cake so much that speaking of it I'm craving for it. Soft, the fruits was juicy, it doesn't taste too sweet either and the presentation was pretty.
Sorry for the bad quality picture I have as Boyf is not a good photographer, Yoshi was having her leisure relaxations after bath massage and comb so, she actually have this sleepy face on her and I would like to see it, requested Boyf to take her picture but end up the quality is OMG, I've to tried to hard to edit it. This naughty Princess Yoshi face, looked steamy right? So cute!!! That's my daughter. We spend our half day cuddles her, groomed her, massaged her, played with her, talked with her and napped together. This is how we spend our Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to be fancy but it sure strengthens our bonding time being together. Love it what matters!

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