Happy Auspicious Prosperous Chinese New Year

Again I'm being lazy so this year I really did not decorate my room to merry the environment nor MummyQ did decorate much this year, she less like half of it. This year we don't really have the mood to celebrate instead I was looking for holidays to lazy at home. That's it! So no decorations to take picture of and post it on the blog BUT I have an awesome colleagues who are both good in decorations with minimum budgets and DIY. Above picture are their hard-work to make our main office entrance look so warmth, welcoming, merry with the Chinese New Year mood and pretty. They are really awesome to put up so much effort in decorating until it looks so grand despite their mountain workload, wish I have their ideas and energy doing so but I was born lazy and laid-back. Give them a jaw drop or an applause please *claps claps claps*
Usually we give-out but no return, well that was expected because we have too many people we are grateful for and to be respected, well that's part of our norm too to give once you have entered the working world and this year we have one that return us back!!! Wow! Is a good start for us, both me and Boyf of course and we hope this will continue in the near future? Lol just joking, but we did seriously surprised and it look so pretty...will wait until Boyf return to open it then enjoy it together.
This year we also have much more unhealthy cookies and snacks to munch on although we don't have much relatives that going to pay us a visit so, I'm prepared that this three bottles will be mine! Besides that I would like to Thanks O's and his family for this fabulous Chinese New Year cookies. I will eat well!
Last but not least, let's have this soft baby greet you and wish you have a Auspicious and Prosperous Happy Chinese New Year, this year is definitely a goat (good) year. I even change my bed sheets color to turquoise colors to bring me more luck! HAHAHAHAHAHA...It is actually my third favorite colors after pearl white and soft pink. Hope my favorite colors bring me more joy and more wealth and more healthy this year. Let's celebrate and gain some weight!

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