Baskin Robbins Ice Cream @ Pulau Tikus

We both often have BR as our dessert or a treat whenever we see the opportunity. One of our favorite ice cream brand that the taste and the quality at the affordable price. We used to have the thought that we will never finish trying out their variety ice cream selection as they have so many flavors but up to today, I think we have tried most of their flavors and we also found our favorite flavors. I'm a mint lover that I can't never have enough of it, so I often opt for Mint Chocolate Chips flavor. I even tried their milkshake and it taste actually quite good, not smooth enough as there is lil bit of chocolate chips but the flavor really nice and fresh, the texture was thick and chill. As for Boyf, he always go for double scoop and he often go for chocolate and fruit flavors. He usually picked World Class Chocolate and Mango Tango where I personally like it too! Very rich in flavors and usually doesn't taste too sweet either. We usually don't add in extra topping because we really like to go plain and we usually don't go during their special offer time too like 31st date of the months as it will be too crowded and we don't like crowded place. Sometimes we find that it is better to pay a lil bit more to enjoy it to the fullest rather than feeling uneasy.

What flavors do you all like or prefer? Or the best combination? Come share it with me so I can try it out too! If you ever taste flavors that is very special that you think Malaysia don't have, do share it with me too! I would like to know so in future I can have a try if I have the opportunity. Thanks in advance ya. =)

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