Visitation to Hosital Bahagia Ulu Kinta

As an undergraduates back then as psychology students, this place is a must to visit and it is a dream come true because not everyone are allow to enter this place unless you are the staff over here or a patients. Everyone, this is Psychiatric Hospital in Malaysia. Most people find this place as a scary place but I found it as fascinating place, it is a wide opening experience to joined this trip with this bunch of great course-mates, an awesome trip and I learned a lot from here too! From the tour guide, speaker and the patient's itself.

The place isn't that scary as most people perceive, actually inside here is quite peaceful, the environment is clean, the scenery is beautiful and is huge! I don't think I can walk around for the tour, luckily we have bus to bring us to tour the whole hospital. It is well maintain despite the conditions and etc.

We also then allowed to visit their patients and talk to them besides just tour around the hospital, looking at the presentation slides from the speaker and museum. Oh ya, not to forget the skillful patient's in doing crafts! The crafts well be sell out to earn extra income, so people, do buy to show some support to them. Actually, there is a place that really attracted most of us but some feel insecure about it. It is the ward/clinic for patient's that convict criminal case. That place although we were just allow to visit the compound but it was nerve cracking, seriously I really would like to go in and see the place but I know the staff's over there will not allow us to do so due to safety reasons. The clinic/department are strictly and tightly armed by safety equipment's unlike the patients we visited before. Actually, it makes me even more curious and really would like to see it although deep inside my heart I was nervous and kind off scared too. Some of us purposely waited just to see whether we have the luck to come across peek some of it or police car drop by with the patient's but I guess we have no luck of it or the hospital staff's have arrange it carefully since there is visitation and they do not want something bad happen to the amateur students. Too bad so sad but I'm proud with the hospital staff's arrangements.

All the pictures was taken using my lousy phone camera back then and this is the best I can do to make the picture looks good and in good quality, also this is the best picture I have in my folder. though it is still all blurry, that is why I compiled all together and make it in one photo so, it doesn't looks so obvious.
This is my great and crazy bunch of course-mates during the passed three years of struggle, well not all in the picture only half of them in the picture because this trip is first come first get on board in the bus, we only have one bus for it. This is our group photo after visitation at the hospital and this photo I also steal from one of my course-mates. Thanks TY for sharing it! Seriously I really miss those days a lot! I miss my study life, working life is just too tiring...

P/s: Spot me if you can!

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