HomeCooked Egg Mayonnaise

The easiest sandwich to make is Egg Sandwich and everyone love it, it is good to health too! Since it is easy to make one so decided I make it my way, according to my taste.

The ingredients is...
Shallots OR Onions
Salt & Pepper

How-To cook steps...

1. Place the raw eggs into the pot, turn the on the gas stove and let it sit at there until it is cooked.
2. While waiting for the eggs to cooked, peeled and finely chopped the shallots. Place aside.
3. Once the eggs is boiled and cooked, replace the hot water with cold waters and let it sit for few seconds until things got a little bit cool down.
4. Peeled the hard boiled eggs and mashed it into pieces, the size according to your preference. I like it finsly mashed.
5. Then well mix it together with finely chopped shallots and mayonnaise
6. Season it with some salt and pepper for flavoring.
7. Wrap the bowl with plastic wrapper then place in the fridge for few minutes to make it chill.
8. Then it is ready to be serve on your toasted bread!

That's my favorite Egg Mayonnaise, you can adjust or replace it with other ingredients if you don't like shallots, it is up to your preference when it comes to home cooking. It is the most basic cooking that everyone know and it is nice to eat as well, good in nutrients if you are in hurry or lazy to cook for more complicated meals. Everyone should give it a try, especially college or undergraduates students. I hope you all will like it!  

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