Ribena Gummy Candy & Horlicks Malties Hard Candy

Say me childish or say me have a child like appetite, I admit it truly. Although I have grow older but I do not want the feeling of being a child is kept just a memory, I want to revive it and I will do this until the last day of my life. Many have forgotten the meaning of being simple is another way of happiness too, I believe many repeated this words thousands or millions of times but hardly make it because social prejudice says that you should act according to your age and another reason is human have greed, pride and arrogant in them, many have chase branded items not only in materials but foods as well. I did what others did and I fell into frustration which is no no good. It is best to yourself.

When I was young MummyQ doesn't allow me to eat those candies or gummy because my body was too weak to digest or clear out food in my digestive systems then because of that I often fell ill and admitted to hospital, she just have to be careful to watch over my diet but now I'm kind healthy so I'm going to stuff in whatever food I have missed from those times.

So I have Horlicks Malties Hard Candies Chocolate flavors, it is a good candies for your fill if you go for hiking or marathon because it can makes you feel a lil bit fill and energize but we Asian often view horlicks is a heaty food or drinks and shouldn't intake it so much. I likes it because the taste it thick in flavors as in you are eating the horlicks beverage powder of malts but it doesn't taste powdery, it doesn't taste too sweet either and it is very addictive candy that can make you feel full after you finish the whole packet.

Another is everyone favorite especially in drink, ribena. It is Ribena Gummy! Another addictive ones because it is chewy and catchy once you bite it, it is not juicy but when you bite it, it is smooth and soft and it felt like there is juice or syrup in it because the gummy taste exactly like from the syrup and the scent is just so sweet. That is another point that is good but there is another point that is not so good is too sweet, like I comment before it take just like from the syrup but just in gummy form. I hope they can make it less sweet?

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