New Lane Hawker Center @ Lorong Baru

Here is another tourist spot to experience the varieties of local food, not do only tourists spot but it is also famous among the locals, that's including me as well, it is one of my favorite place too although the price is slightly overprice due to its attractions. For the best experience, never go into any cafe, always go for an open air spot because it is chilling and it is a bit less noisy because there is no wall to echo the sound of people talking also you get to experience and see how the environments works.

This is Ice Longan, we both like longan drinks but the portion is too small for us definitely few mouth can empty the whole bowl for me and it is slightly a bit overprice but it does tasted nice. It has savory taste and scent, thick in flavors, cold and chill which is a very good drinks after hectic and tiring day, a rejuvenate drinks. Is my favorite actually but here the price is slightly too expensive for a small of drinks.
Our favorite!!! Char Koay Kak which is Fried Radish Cake, another famous dish in Penang. I have this dish since I was young and it can be my everyday meal because of its taste, texture and feel. This stall in new lane offer a normal koay kak and seafood koay kak, seafood koay kak of course there is squib and prawn, whenever it is you can personalized it yourself when you order it according to your taste, I usually go for more chili paste, beans sprout, preserved turnip and egg, that's is the must for me whether it is added seafood or not that is an optional.

This stall offer quite instinctive addictive koay kak for me, because of the uncle very good in controlling the pan heat which we called it 'wok hei', that's very important because it is the main weapon in bringing the flavors more strong and more aromatic. Its very packed with flavors, there is spicy, sweet and salty taste from both chili paste and preserved turnip, juicy and burst of water from beans sprout, the radish was soft, smooth and non-sticky, very pleasant scent from it makes everything goes in place. Nice!
Next is Satay, everyone likes satay but the satay they serve here is non-halal which is made from pork, nevertheless it doesn't really matter to me as long as it tasted good. I love satay and I alone can finish more than 20 skewers if I have it with empty stomach but we usually only ordered 10 skewers, 5 for each person.
The satay at there actually it taste not bad, the meats is tender, very well marinated with the spices, well-cooked but a little bit too oily, very aromatic smell from the spices, everything was fine and is under control just that it is a little too sweet for me. For the sauce it is fine, there is peanuts chunks, sweetness and a little of spiciness but a lil bit oily, usually the sauce not that oily in it. Overall, it is good and worth the try. 
This is one of my favorite but because of the popularity has rose, the price is a bit over expensive to be honest. This is Chue Cheong Chook for direct translation is pig intestine porridge, many may not like exotic foods, so am I but I made an exception for this because it is not and kind of addictive. The porridge is cook with their special made stock and the porridge texture is soft, smooth, very flvorful and not too watery nor thick after carefully cook for a very long hours though the color look plain. Then it will be top with deep fried and boiled pig intestine, it was clean and washed very carefully because it doesn't smell at all but the texture remained soft and chewy, for deep fried intestine is my favorite - it is very crispy, not oily and very fragrant. They also added in thinly slice char siew but that is not their ultimate weapon, still it tasted not bad - the meat is tender but the intestine and porridge fragrant overpower it. Last but not least the dressing, drizzle with sesame oil and sprinkle with white pepper and spring onions. For those whose is not afraid of exotic foods, should give it a try, definitely worth it.
This is the most disappointing food I ever had at there, once I tried it I will never have it again. I love Laksa and I'm very particular and strict when come to this food. This mobile laksa store is never impressive to me, very few customers and is very quiet, I never once try it until on that particular day I have a sudden craving for it and I wanted to filled the craving so I ordered it. The soup based was tasteless even the shrimp paste also almost tasteless and very watery, the portion is small so does the dressing and ingredients. Definitely not recommended to my readers.
Then there is this mobile stall that selling this Nyonya kuih which I refer to it more like a dessert for me rather than a tea time pastry available at there too. For now I still think it is worth the try although the quality has dropped a lot compared to the last time many years ago, they have Apom Telur and Kuih Ketayap, both tasted not bad but I like Apom Telur more because it suit my taste. It has a strong scent and flavors of coconut milk and it doesn't taste too sweet either, I like the texture because the side of the pastry is thinly crisp but very fragile, it is as thin as tissue that's why it's easily break, while the middle is soft, smooth and fluffy, filled with strong coconut taste.That's what I like about because there is soft and crispy side.
And this is the mobile stall of Apom Telur and Kuih Ketayap.

And their address is...
Lorong Baru (New Lane), 10450 Georgetown, Penang

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