Kuih Piring Durian @ Jelutong

I'm not sure how many still remember this thin crisp biscuits but I definitely do remember it very well because it is my favorite biscuits since young however, I do not get to eat this frequently due it my health condition and MummyQ don't like me to have any foods that contains food coloring. As I grew older, I became disobedient and frequently sneak to buy a packet to eat, it is my easy snack at affordable price, I think 80's children should know about this biscuits, I often find it at morning markets or at very old food court like the one in Jelutong old food court near the wet market.

It is made from very simple ingredients where everyone can get it from either local markets or hypermarkets, the ingredients is available everywhere as you can see from the above picture, inside the plastic bag there is a pink paper where the nutrients of the food, ingredients and manufacturing address for your reference.
So this is how the Kuih Piring Durian looks like, although it stated durian but never once I ever tasted durian taste or even the scent, all I get to taste and smell is the coconut taste and scent. This biscuits doesn't taste too sweet or dry, it is more like rice paper biscuits, very thin and fragile but it easily melts into your mouth, there is no need to constantly chew on it like many other biscuits do, it just melts. Seriously, it doesn't taste really awesome nor smell heavenly but once you get to taste it, it is a bit addictive in your mouth and you could finish it within minutes.

Seeing the colors, who doesn't like it? Especially kids, it is so colorful even my myself still attracted to it. I do hope this biscuits does not go extinct because I find it somewhat is a very heritage-ish and traditional dish that these days not many places sell it anymore because more affordable popular brands were brought into the markets. I hope this biscuits can be preserved in the local markets and I hope the local do not forget about this biscuits, new and younger generations get expose to it.

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