East Lake Garden @ Kampar, Perak

Above pictures were all pictures during my undergraduate year and it was taken back then by using my camera phone which the quality wasn't that good years ago and I edited it to looks a bit more antique which I find it a very good idea because this picture has became antique pictures in my memory.

University Tunku Abdul Rahman [UTAR] Kampar, Perak is very well-known for its natural beauty and a very huge lake scenery, there is lakes inside the university and outside of the university, basically it is like at a foreign university just that the Malaysia weather doesn't allow you to have picnic around the scenery because it is too hot. Staying at there for three years plus makes me fall in love with that place very deeply, I admit that city girl like me at times find it very boring, frustrated living at there because there is no mall or entertainment places to go to even there is no hang out place for young adults but as times pass by I adapted to the environment.

I found the beauty in there, the natural, nature beauty and the cultural beauty. For cultural beauty, the residents at there is very friendly, healthy and they gave me the neighborhood feel that normally city couldn't feel it because we were all occupied with our own selfishness desire and arrogant. They were stranger but they talk like they knew each other, very helping hand for each other, I find it very peaceful living at there. Then there is this garden build beside the lake where students and residents can go for an exercise, walk and a romantic date. As you can see from above pictures, it is all from the garden, pretty isn't it? The sky, the mountain and the lake like were joint together.

After graduated from there, I back to my hometown Penang, a city, a very fast growing city after the chief minister has been change and during the three years plus the change started where is the year I left my hometown. Of course there is envious times where I see through my news feed from friends that they visited here and there and have this foods here and there, of course I'm sadden because I really love Penang foods and Kampar, Perak do not offer that types of food, all we have mostly is set meal food in cafe. But I find it very hard to adapt back to city lifestyle after that and frequently have the urge to go back there, of course I have to back to Penang although my soul wanted to back to Kampar because Penang offer more jobs offer than Kampar, a very rural place. I've never heard of this place before, before I enrolled into this university and many do not know this place, that's how isolated it is. I did went back there once a year for short trip and have a very relaxing holiday, to mentally, psychological, and physically restoration.

Before I stayed at there, I really like city lifestyle and I even find it Penang isn't happening as Kuala Lumpur and I wish to move to Kuala Lumpur as well but after the three years it change me completely that now I prefer to stay in suburban or country side, rather than city as now I find it very tiring physically, mentally and psychologically, from to to toe I find it very tiring, of course I still like the entertainment here but for environment and health wise, yes I prefer less hectic lifestyle, a place where I can inhale fresh air once I open my eyes in the morning rather than exhaust-pipe smoke.

Boyf and me have the thinking of moving to country side once we retired or at the golden age of time, and I really like the idea. Writing this post really making me miss Kampar very much, the feeling of peaceful mind, fresh air, less noise, everything double or triple less in a good way. Although I just back there this year but I wish to be back there again. Ok, I should stop typing this else I really will feel very down and sad thinking of living in city where my soul want to live in country side.

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