CF Food Court @ Weld Quay

MummyQ would like to try out this food court as she never been here and it seems quite famous among locals and tourists. Me and Boyf don't feel like going there at first because lack of parking space plus is a tourists spot and because of that mostly the food price is slightly overprice and the taste is just so-so. But she is the queen and we need to obey the queen order...

Boyf and mine drinks, MummyQ rarely order drinks as she have her own bottle of water. Boyf ordered Cham Peng (Ice Coffee & Tea) and I ordered Warm Chrysanthemum. Overall the drinks is not bad, Boyf drink was good, the ratio of mixture between coffee and tea is good, it doesn't taste too bitter nor too sweet. While mine drink is made from chrysanthemum syrup which I don't really like, I prefer the original type where they personally boil it and it taste a bit too sweet for me.
MummyQ ordered Mee Suah Koh/Thicken Vermicelli Gravy, well I don't know what this call I just direct translate it from Hokkien. It's a bit different from bee hoon//vermicelli, this type of vermicelli is super soft, very savory scent and smooth and if it were overcooked, the vermicelli itself can turn the soup become thicken and if it was cooked in long hours then the soup will become starchy, just like what Mummy! order. Some may not like it because the texture is a bit starchy, slime and glue like texture but it is good for you if you have indigestion or uncomfortable stomach and it definitely warm up your body, make you feel better if you fall sick. MummyQ like it very much but the vermicelli texture is hard to taste, flavorful and smooth, worth the try though.
Boyf and me ordered Stuffed Pancake and Deep Fried Dumpling as our appetizer before the main course is serve. They have pancake stuffed with parsley and spring onions but Boyf don't really like that type so we chose the one stuffed with meats and spring onions, he is carnivore, never like vegetables. However, the taste didn't reach to our expectation and we are quite disappointed, we just have half of it, it does crispy at the outer layer and soft texture inside of it but not flavorful and savory enough, the ingredients taste is very lacking, it like almost taste nothing even there is spring onions in it and the ingredients portion is too little although the pancake is good but the main ingredients inside the pancake spoiled it all but the dumpling taste not bad, crispy and there is small portion of meats inside it, quite a savory taste for snacks but I prefer there is some sauce for me to dip in then it will make it even better.
Boyf and me decided to have Thai food, we love Thai food. There is many selection menu to choose from at their counter stall and we both like this dish called Pad Gra Prao which is Thai Holy Basil With Minced Pork, this definitely suit both our taste, we once taste it by accidentally and since then we got hooked by it.

Thankfully this dish is nice, very flavorful, savory taste from the sauce, a little bit of spicy and sweet taste, the minced pork is tender and well absorb the sauce, a lil bit crunchiness from the long beans and the meats is juicy, very suitable to eat with rice as rice is dry and gluey, this dish able to blend well with plain white rice.
And we also ordered Tom Yum Soup to go with the dish and rice, we just request to add in meatballs, crab sticks, minced meats and fish meats because I cannot intake too much seafood so we request for change of ingredients. It taste average, there is spicy and sweet taste but it doesn't taste too sour either. The flavor wasn't too thicken or too watery taste like, just average but it do lack of lemongrass fragrant and taste. Overall it is not bad, we did went back to try few more times.

And their address is...
49-F, Pengkalan Weld, 10300 Georgetown, Penang

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