McDonald's @ Greenlane

Talk about fast food business, I believe this well-known restaurant is well recognize globally by the elderly as well as very young toddler, it doesn't matter the age, gender, citizenship or so, everyone likes eating it. Yes. It is McDonald's. There is no exception for me as well for falling into this fast food chain.

In Malaysia of course we do not have pork burger like any other countries due to the respect of other religion but still we still have many other selection to try. One of it is Fillet-O-Fish Burger, I personally very fond with this burger because as my memory remembered the first burger I had in McD's is this burger and that was during when I'm still a small young child. Nobody will not dislike this burger even the elders' likes it, MummyQ she likes fillet-o-fish too! The bun that is so soft and smell the of warm aroma really makes one feel warmth inside heart. The melted cheddar cheese and pickled mayonnaise really mixes well and the fish fillet is always that soft, not really oily and smell extremely pleasant. Well who doesn't like it? I extremely love this burger!
Another non-stop craving for their food is the ice-cream itself. The vanilla ice-cream definitely is the best affordable ice-cream anyone can have, the ice-cream itself is the based for their many other flavors of ice-cream and that also prove that their vanilla ice-cream is their strong weapon to compete with other fast food chain industries in dessert category.

Above is my Lime Vanilla Ice-cream, photo taken long long time ago when Shrek 2 movie premiered in theater. No matter what flavors it is, their ice-cream always makes me crave for it, whether it is Sundae cone, McFlurry, Cornetto or whatsoever flavors they came up with as long as it is not something I'm allergy to. The ice-cream is one strong in vanilla flavor, super smooth and soft and the texture is thick and creamy.
McDonald's have their own menu only for morning breakfast and I like their morning breakfast menu too! I like all of it but I particular fond with Big Breakfast and Sausage McMuffin With Egg because that is the silly lovable Boyf often buy for me for breakfast when we were in Pre-U time before he fetch me to school. I did not took any picture of Big Breakfast because now I seldom eat them for breakfast due to the price matters but I can tell you that it comes with scramble egg, golden hash brown, toasted English muffin and chicken sausage. All of it I find I find it that I can have it with cheaper price through Sausage McMuffin just a slightly different.

I chose this is because it is cheaper and for me it is easier to eat, Sausage McMuffin With Egg comes with chicken sausage, cheddar cheese, fried egg and toasted English muffin, there is no hash brown but if you order set meal then it will comes with hash brown and a cup of hot or coffee which is almost the same as Big Breakfast. These days I prefer this besides because of the price matter, it is easier to eat and it taste even better as all in one muffin. The cheese is melted, the sausage chicken patty is well cooked, it is so flavorful and juicy, tender. the fried egg is soft and fluffy as well then eating them all together it just create really pleasant and smooth flavors and taste.
Me and Boyf have became their die-hard fried chicken especially their Spicy Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) McD. Not to say I'm being bias or critical but McD offer better spicy fried chicken compared to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), I still like KFC because both have their own distinguish unique flavors but I mentioned because KFC also offer spicy fried chicken just that I personally prefer McD because it offer to what my taste goes.

For those who can't really take spicy foods it is best not to try McD spicy fried because it will make you go fire. Me and Boyf love spicy food so we definitely have no problem eating it. The chicken is very well marinated with the spices, the skin is crunchy, spicy and not really oily, the meats is tender, soft and well seasoned. Once I tried it, I got hooked until now, it is definitely worth the try but to only those who can take in spicy foods.
One last food that I like from McD is their Twister Fries which I only can have it once a year when Chinese New Year is around, this fries is specially created to pair with their Prosperity Burger but I often change it to this fries whenever I order other burgers' but of course there is surcharge for it. This fries is shape in spiral shape, coated with their secret ingredients flour, then deep fried it. It taste a lil bit of spicy maybe due to its pepper, it is very crunchy and not oily, very addictive fries for me. I seriously can't wait for next year CNY just so to have this fries.

There is many McD restaurants in Penang but I particularly only prefer to visit the one in Green Lane whici the address can be refer as below...

2506, Jalan Penang Free School, 11600 Jalan Masjid Negeri, Jelutong, Penang.\

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