Kafe Fountain @ Lebuh Carnarvon

This cafe is also one of the famous spot for dinner among the locals, myself too like this cafe because they offer one the food is my favorite dish. The cafe environment has improve a lot, more brighter, cleaner and the servicing also a lot more better since the last time I visited this place like few years back. Also here there is varieties of food you can try as well.

MummyQ ordered ABC Ice Kacang which is her all time favorite as drinks rather than dessert, yes weird her and I ordered Carrot Milk same goes to Boyf as well. The carrot milk is a bit bland but sweet, the taste is a bit too light, still it is very refreshing drinks during the hot and humid day. MummyQ shave ice is a bit loose and not compact within the ice, it is very sweet and the ingredients also lesser than what I expected it should be.
MummyQ ordered Char Siew Rice and she said is very disappointing as the char siew is hard and dry plus MummyQ have loose teeth that is why she find it very difficult to eat. MummyQ comment that the rice is merely a plain white rice and the sauce isn't savory enough, however she did finish her meal with the help from mine meal. Hmmm...maybe char siew isn't their best dish, next time I should give them another try for their roasted chicken.
This is my favorite, Bak Khi/Pork Soup. Many will not go to this place and have this because for some it doesn't taste what they expected it should be, Boyf doesn't like it but I really like it and many went to this cafe also not because of this soup but because of their Loh Mee or well-known as Vinegar Noodles.

It may looks like a very simple soup but it definitely not easy to cook as many do not sell them. Bak khi basically is pork meatballs that was coated with special mix ingredients into starch flour then cook together with long/hours boiled pork bone soup with chopped cabbage in high volume of fire. Because the meats was coated with starch flour and when being cook in the soup, basically the soup texture will slightly thicken up - not too watery nor thick in texture. The chef must be good in controlling the fire so the soup texture is at its best condition, the meats is fully cook but still maintain its tenderness and the cabbage must be soften and well absorb the soup flavor. It may really look simple but this need skills. I can say here offer one of the best bak khi, at the affordable price, definitely is my favorite spot. To be honest, I can just have this as my complete meal, it's quite a healthy meal just that it is too much starch in this meal.
Boyf ordered Fried Rice but we have no idea how it really taste like because he seems very hungry and finished his plate in a very short time and he ordered another plate of it which I assume it should be taste good else there is no reason for him to another another plate, right? Or maybe he is just too hungry and need rice for the fill and since he is super hungry, anything taste absolutely good. I should try it out one day...

And their address is...
168, Carnarvon street, 10100 Georgetown, Penang

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