IQ Puzzle Beads

This is one of the game I used to enjoy when I was still an undergraduate student. I only play this game when I have to study for my exams, only that period of time, other times mostly I spend the rest of my day on social medias. I only play this during the exams period.

I played this game before during my high school years when my GodSis who went to study her teacher diploma programs back then and brought back this game for some academic purposes, she let me play for awhile and I got hooked but unfortunately I have to returned it back as it is not mine and is the school property, I shouldn't take it just because I got hooked with it. However, I did look around so I can buy it but it's hard to find...

Fortunately during my first year of university. my university organized an event called 'Mind Festivals' where we can attend and hear speakers' talked about how to improve our memory and analytic, fast calculations and many more. Not only this festival offer seminars but also many interesting mind games and visuals. Very interesting event and I did not regret to attend it even though it took my precious morning sleep.

I went with the cunning gang, the gang of mine, after few talks that we attended our brain was so loaded and call it a day and will attend the rest of the talks the next day so, we decided to walk around the hall to look around the interesting stuffs. At one point all of us was attracted to this particular stall that was set-up at there, we visited the stall, goofed around the academic play stuffs then I saw this IQ Puzzle Beads. Snapped! I told Boyf that I want it and we asked for the price, it was below RM 15, ok it was within our budget so yup and yay!!! I bought it. Really happy.
Above is the picture of the grade analysis book. It started with 10 beads then as the level going higher the lesser the beads is and the more challenging it is.

Of course many will ask why play this during the exams period where study/revision is already tiring enough. Well that's the reason I play it, because my course involved with many theories, too many theories and memorizing it wore off my brain functioning due to this reason I need a game that make my brain work, a game that play an active role to make my brain working, doing the thinking and so on rather than just focusing in memorizing the terms from the piles of books which is very dreadful for me. My way of study is:

1. Plan the syllabus or chapter to study
2. Time-out/break session (must firm with self-disciplines) as many will feel lazy to continue after some rest.
3. Drinks a lots of waters
4. Eat a proper meals
5. Have enough rest.

This is the way I do my revision, while others may have different way of study, I have a friend that need to listen to classical music while study while some others need group study. There is many ways to have an effective study methods, find one that suit you, try all the method possible then choose the one suited you the most.

Talking about it makes me miss my study life, anyhow although I finished my degree life but I still keep the IQ beads with me in a safe place. I think I need to take it out again to play again as I haven't finish all the levels.

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