Fried Snacks @ Free School Road

Snacks is never healthy but still everyone love it, is an addiction. I'm not a big fans of snacks but once in awhile I do crave for it, I'm a fans of local snacks especially fried snacks. One of my favorite place to buy those fried snacks is at free school road and is under a big tree, a simple set-up of push-cart business, although the place may not look hygiene but when it comes to handling the foods, they handle it with care, a proper care and the cart is clean too so, I think there should be no worries of having it plus I had it since young and I did not experience any discomfort or sick after eat their fried snacks. This push-cart actually is quite famous around that area and some even make a trip to buy this back for their family as tea-time break.
Whenever me and Boyf pass by that area and show the business still operating, we will make quick visit and buy like a bag of it with varieties of selection, of course we only buy those that I can eat and not allergy to it.
This is Fried Thee Kuih which is Glutinous Rice Cake being slice, sandwich with two slice of yam, coated with egg and flour then down to the super hot wok for deep fried. This glutinous rice cake usually we only have it during Chinese New Year as this is a Chinese New Year Cake we Hokkien people called it Thee Kuih while mandarin we called it Nian Gao.

It's very savory taste, sweet and chewy from thee kuih, pleasant fragrant from the yam and very crispy texture once you bite it. Of course I remove the yam because I'm allergy to it but the smell it still very savory and it still taste very good despite I took out the yam slice, nothing much is lacking after doing so as well which they preserve the quality quite well.
This is my favorite, I just can't get enough of it. It is a Potato Stick, is like cheese stick but this is made of potato, sweet potato. It has the natural sweetness from the potato, very savory taste, crispy at the outside, smooth and soft at the inside. Is a perfect snack for me.
Next the Curry Puff, well it may not be the best curry puff in town but it's worth the try. The fragrant was mild, quite flavorful, but not spicy enough, the ingredients is very compact with potatoes and curry, the pastry was thin, crispy and the curry puff was wrap very nicely. It definitely a perfect tea-break snacks and today I bought a bag of it as well for my tea-time and a surprise for Boyf after he finishes his work.

They have their famous Deep Fried Banana/Pisang Goreng but recently my timing wasn't that good, it is either finished or they did not sell on that day due to they unable to buy a good quality bananas to fried and sell but I hope I will the chance to eat it again. Due to unable to buy good quality ingredients sometimes the selection of choice is being reduce to 30% which is very sad and disappointing for me.

And their address is...
Jalan Free School, 11600 Georgetown, Penang.

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