Childhood Electronic Games

Was reading 9gag and I saw this Minesweeper game that everyone have in their computer, hmmm...I can't be sure these days still have it or not but I can be sure that the past model of computer surely have this game. It used to be passing time game for me. This game actually require some analytic in order to win without clicking the bomb but for me I never play it that way because I'm too lazy to do so, my way of playing it is always randomly click it, I rely and fate? la...I just lazy plus if it bomb nobody will die nor I will be losing any money from it, right? Anyone still playing it?
Anyone have this as their possession before when their are young? I used to have one because MummyQ don't allow me to have real life pet so I rear an electronic pet. This thing is called Tamagotchi, I believe is quite hard to find one these days because there is more advance electronic games available at the market now. In my time, this electronic game is the most advance and who ever own one is one rich kid - well the parent is rich. I'm eye-ing for really long and begged MummyQ to buy me one but she never buy me one. Buy because I have Godbro who like this so he had one from my Godmum and seeing we always fight to play the game so, she eventually buy one for me but not the original one like what Godbro have but instead a fake one that she bought at market. Well, I was very young back then and I don't even know what is original or fake or whatsoever as long as I get to play one then I'm happy. I don't remember I still kept or have them until the Spring cleaning but I decided to let go of it (threw away) because it is already badly spoil. Ah those day...I miss it so much. Hate being an adult, never wanted to be an adult!!!

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