Books I Would Like Have

I get to read these books it is all thanks to the person who is good at nothing although in appearance that person is successful and have this books at the so called library but to me that person is good but nothing worth, a person not is not a human at all. What a waste that these precious books own by that person but it's ok, thanks to that person I learned my lesson hard that I need to take Luvox and Xanax to fix my depression and anxiety disorder but also thanks to that person I learned to get to know these books, if I have these books I will learned in a right humanity path instead. For me it is a books on how to be a successful person as a human created by Gods' and not measure by wealth. Learned that assholes!!! That's the different between us!!! You take advantages of people and fully utilized on how to used them to gain your profit while I let you took that advantages of me because of what I prefer to work in that field, therefore, I'm mentally suffered. Now I had left, I'm at ease although the consequences I bear to huge that I hardly can repay back to my loved ones but because of that I gain my wisdom, be a wiser person, be an understanding person and I will never ever take advantages of other people for own profit or benefits, I have my own live philosophy and I will follow it although it will not land me wealth in terms of materials but it land me wealth in terms of being a human which it is more value and priceless to me.

Dear Assholes,

Karma gonna hit you one day, some day, maybe not this life but might be your future life. I'm not going able to see that to happen and I'm not interest in it either but I want to wish you luck. An advice from me, being more experience, being more older, being more wealthier than me doesn't mean that you are a better person. There's more better person in this world and that person doesn't mean that they all come in the same hierarchy. A beggar can be a better person too. A psychological person can be a better person too. But I bet that you'll never learn this lesson. So, good luck to you!

P.s: Don't be bothered by above comments, it is just a way for me to lament my anger and disappointed toward someone that I used to looked up to and respect but now it all went to excretion.

Still I want to have these books with me in near future because it gave a good lesson and because of the books as well I able to go through the dark journey with that company. It gave me strength and positive energy, I feel at ease every time I read them and I really want to have those strength and energy back!'s not easy to find them but slowly I believe I will. Law of Attraction! Peace & Cheer!

From now I'm going to be better, better meaning that I will let it go, let go of all those sadness and negativity that they caused me because I don't want any relapse from my depression and I'm getting better after months but anxiety, I'm still fighting for it! So wish me luck!

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