Arsenal FC Asia Tour 2011 @ Kuala Lumpur Part 2

It is a short trip but we needed a place for a rest and a place nearby the stadium, after some researched we found this hostel that is very convenience for us as the Light Rail Transit (LRT) train is just nearby. By looking at it, actually the exterior doesn't look that bad at all or very grand but the surrounding there is nothing much to see or walk around. 
After the football match, we are super duper zuper hungry and luckily there is a Mamak restaurant down the road just beside the hotel. The surrounding is nice, not too noisy and clean, service too not bad, fast and friendly and the price is affordable too. Boyf ordered same as mine just that he chose beef while I chose Nasi Briyani Ayam and Ice Lime Juice. The rice is fluffy, the color was nice, ingredients and spices was well mix and blended, portion given is quite much. It doesn't taste spicy but it is indeed very flavorful and aromatic. However, the chicken isn't well marinated as the taste is a bit bland, still there some taste from the nasi briyani but it wasn't strong enough although the meats is tender and soft. It also comes with some side dishes like curry and marinated onions, I didn't taste both of it as I'm too hungry and just chow down the rice that is in front of me.

For the juice, it tastes well and good, very refreshing drink after some humid, sweaty and tiring day also good for dry throat after hours of cheering. The ratio is just nice, doesn't taste too sweet nor sour and it is very chilling.

Well, I never dislike lime juice or lemon juice although the acidic fruits isn't something my gastric can handle well.
We just go for Standard Double Room. For us, whenever we go for a trip, we never go for branded or expensive hotel or a hotel have awesome interior design. We just need a decent place to sleep in and rest for the next day. Sorry for the messy room picture but that's how our room looks like after unpacked.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the design and arrangements. The room is clean and well maintained although the color looks a bit dull but it is cozy enough for me.
They all have the basic necessities toiletries for their guest as well and the bathroom is clean and well maintained, the design actually looks better than what I expect it to be. That's me, who changed into my sleepwear after a good and relaxing shower.
Another angle view of the room with the silly nerd Boyd resting before bath and with his face showing "I ain't gonna show my handsome face." look

Overall the hotel is nice to stay, the service crew's was nice and friendly, very professional, efficient. The exterior and interior design is good and nice for me, provide all the basic necessities that I think is essential and I needed the most, the hotel is very well maintained and the price is also reasonable and affordable for short trip for backpackers.

For more information regarding the hotel, kindly click here to check it out.
That's me before having the good shower, wore an Arsenal shirt, training session pass, entrance ticket and Arsenal clown hat just to show off. I have a good time watching the match although I'm not a fans of football.

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