Arsenal FC Asia Tour 2011 @ Kuala Lumpur Part 1

3 years back? Well I think so. Boyf was so excited back then when he knew his favorite team Arsenal will come to Malaysia for a friendly match with Malaysian team but he was a bit worried whether to go or not because there is replacement lecture class but that's not the main concerned, the main concern he have back then is whether will I allow him to go or not and who can he trust to buy him the entrance tickets.

Of course I allowed him to go, I'm a very considerate and nice GirlF but with one condition. A very simple condition, that is I'll tag along with him. For sure he's very frustrated and got annoyed because I'm not someone who like football match so why want to tag along? Thankfully for his understanding, he allowed me tag along. I wanted to go so badly not because the footballers' is handsome but I would like to experience watching a match live and I promised my GradMama before that I will bring her to watch football match if there is a opportunity comes in future but unfortunately that wish didn't come true. So, with heavy heart I indirectly fulfilled our promise by watching the match with Boyf.

 Above pictures is our entrance tickets and training session admission pass we got it out of luck, meaning we can enter the stadium earlier to watch them conduct their training. Awesome? Yup. After watching their training, other audiences are allow to come in for later live match and that's when I captured the sunset shine into the stadium, making me feel warmth as if GrandMama shine on me telling me she's watching the match with me. It's a very beautiful scenery for me.
The stadium seating arrangements and the interior.
Right above me is the stadium shelter during the day and night view. Pretty isn't it?
Their warm-up body session and training with their coaches. This is the best pictures I have in my phone camera gallery. That time I still did not have a proper camera yet so this is the best pictures I have.
Arsenal mascot, Gunnersaurus Rex. In short gunner. He's cute isn't he?
The goal keeper doing his excessive training with their coach. Seems like a very tough job after seeing the body being throw here and there just to block to ball from entering the goal. It must be hurt to be hit by the coming ball moreover need to block the high speed and hard ball. No wonder the goal keeper usually equip with safety wear.
The football club manager Arsene Wenger? Am I right? I'm not sure whether I spell it correct or not I saw it few times in football magazines and arsenal book that Boyf bought before. I shall check it through Google. Okie is correct. Hahahaha...watching their match but not knowing who they are. Typical girl who's not interested in football or sports. And the handsome footballers waving and clasping as a sign that they have a good training.
Both team after some rest and changing of attire, formally enter the battle field with pride and honor then sing both national anthem? Well for Malaysia, yes it is our national anthem but for Arsenal I'm not too sure as I can't remember clearly plus their team have other country citizens so I don't think they sing their national anthem because it will be a disgrace to others so I'm guessing they sang their own club anthem. After some formal hand shakes and introduction, games start!
My view towards the battle field.
End of the game, both thanks the audiences for supporting and cheering for them.
Arsenal won, well that's already expected from me and the footballers was taking their shirt off to show off their chocolate abs, praising their each others for the good game, clasping and waving to the audiences. 
OH oh oh!!! Though we did eat something before we go for the match but my tummy metabolism is working hard so I'm getting a bit hungry even before the match started so Boyf asked me to buy burger from the mobile seller as he's lazy to walk out and wanted to watch the training session, well I'm ok with it since I never try something like that and Boyf said when come to watch a match like this one must try this feeling although the food is not awesome.

I though there will a cart or someone carry a box or a basket selling food or beverage but the sales person is someone bolder than that, no cart or anything, he just carry the mineral waters and burger in a big bag plastic on his shoulder. I bought the burger but the burger doesn't look appetizing or good, and yes it doesn't taste awesome as well but still it is editable, just enough to filled my hungry tummy.

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