Wan Nen Cafe @ Macallum Street

Another place that I would like to intro for cheap, affordable and big portion economic rice is this place, where I've been visiting since I was young, this place definitely a place for rough labor have their lunch meal so please excuse them if they were rude, rough and loud but I can promise you that once of their dishes is the best of the best and many will not know except the labor worker's because many youngster will not visit and have their meal at here due to the environment and lil bit because the hygiene of the place also the appearance of the place.

Wan Nen Cafe formerly known as Ban Leng Cafe, they just change the name few years back and many especially the elder's still address is as Ban Len instead of Wan Nen plus Ban Leng is easier to pronounce than Wan Nen for some.

Of course the waitress or service crew is not as friendly as it seems and very good in manner whether verbally or behavior but bear with it because the food is something worth to try for. For our drinks, MummyQ ordered Hot Nutmeg (Red), and I ordered Cham Pheng (Ice Milk Tea Mix With Coffee). For MummyQ drinks is a bit bland but it was served hot, the aroma of the nutmeg was nice as well, quite strong. For red nutmeg, it does not mean that the nutmeg they use is red color or otherwise, it is the same nutmeg that every see, feel and eat. The color is red is because instead of peeling the skin off, they will rinse it clean before slow boil it with sugar to extract the color, the scent and flavor then turn it into syrup. While my drinks was good just a lil bit sweet, the mixture of the coffee and milk teas was in good ratio.
Above is MummyQ rice and dishes, she picked Stir-Fried Cabbage and Fried Egg. Although this may look like really easy peasy dishes but it taste nice for me though. The cabbage was stir-fried until the vegetables become soft but still slightly maintained its textures, the oyster sauce, the seasoning was well absorb into the vegetables so it's nice to eat, the vegetables smell and bitterness is almost zero here. The fried egg is a lil crispy at the side and it is soft inside but their fried egg is really oily. Then they have their curry and soy sauce mixture for you to mix with your rice and eat, that is their secret gravy, it may be watery but it's very flavorful and nice to eat together with your rice.
For me, it is a bit embarrassed to show you my portion because it is rather big portion for a girl but there is a week I'll eat like a grown men because my metabolism run twice faster before the due of my period so don't judge me. For my dishes, I took Curry Potatoes, Fried Egg and Char Siew together with their special mix curry and soy sauce. The potatoes was soft, well absorb the curry gravy and very flavorful mixture from the potatoes and curry gravy, the fried egg part you can read it from my opinion at above and the char siew is not that nice, it is hard and not flavorful, dry although there is some sweet sauce glazed over it plus the coloring is a bit too much for me. Oh, as you can see my dishes mainly more to carbo due to the peak period metabolism, I took more carbo so I don't get hungry fast else after 1 1/2 hour later I'll hungry again, women menstrual symptoms sometimes can be weird, horrible and scary.
Their highlight of their famous dishes is this Pork Steak (Bak Steak) they only serve them 2 round 12.00pm and 12.30pm, this pork steak makes everyone wait for it, people will wait even though they have selected their dishes but they must not missed this dishes, some even asked when will this dish will be ready to serve and willing to wait for it, some even make an advanced booked on the steak on the spot. No joke, I went there to eat also because of this only else I won't go and bear the environment, this worth the suffer, even Boyf also addicted to it. When I first bring him there, he is so not impressed and got annoyed and mad but after he tasted it, he understand why I bear the suffer. These pork steak sold off within minutes, max at 10 minutes so I always be there early and like other customers will anxiously and patiently wait for it. I alone can chow down 3 pork steaks but I must control myself so only 2 pieces and shared with MummyQ but MummyQ knew I like it so she only ate quarter of it. This pork steak taste tangy, chewy, crispy, very flavorful, the meat was tender and easy to chew, very fragrant but slightly a bit oily. This is a very addictive dish, MummyQ tried to make it once but failed and non of the economic rice stall I tried before have this and so far I still haven't seen anyone selling this except this place, this recipe definitely is their ultimate secret recipe and weapon. Thinking about it and writing this makes me want to eat it know though I just ate my lunch.

And their address is...
Lebuh Macallum, 10300 Georgetown, Penang (Just right opposite of Sri Saujana Flat)

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