TV vs Reality

I'm illiterate when it comes to chinese character's although I can speak but somehow I like reading the old comics of Master Q or in mandarin is called Lau Foo Chih since young. Maybe because during our times there is not much comics to read on unlike now and I believe today children's may not know who is Master Q anymore.
Master Q comics used to makes me laugh with his lame behavior, like I said although I at not able to read but I understands what the pictures try to deliver its message and meaning to its readers'

It is a very short stories with different episodes in one book. It used to be black and white pictures but recently there's people sell this comics with colors but very limited because not now everyone want to read it anymore since there is a lot more comics coming from Japan. And it used to have animation too and appeared in movie like acted with famous Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse. The comics characters too very limited with just his 2 close buddies and jealousy enemy and his crush, everything stories is about them and evolve around them.

Not too long ago, I accidentally saw this comic and look through the pages while waiting for something. While browsing through I saw this page and I wonder whether is it true that it might happen in our world since our human species is the scariest when it come to greed and fame and recognition compared to other species? Plus with this generations where many people's have become more materialistic and crimes is everywhere so people's becoming more to bystanders and avoid getting involve. Inflation is getting higher and higher, jobs getting fewer for being having cheap labors, think of it many many years ago, the labors workers is also our own citizens, our own country men. Currency getting smaller and salary never goes up.
Many people's most of the times will only act up empathy and sympathy through electronics but not in reality.

I know there is some true hero humanitarian's out there but it's getting so few because of so many reasons, humanity getting doubt and still I hope it will never vanish. Humanity restore? I still believe in that, so human's please restore back. It doesn't matter what you do but do something good whether to you or to others or to animals or to nature. be good and bring back the faith of being a human.  

I know I'm not good enough to say something saint here but I'm, let's all together work it out!

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