Soft Babies Hipster

Was doing this when the time hit our 8th Anniversary and I showed it Boyf and he laughed because this two Pandas is just so cute. Very hipster pandas. <3 so much love for this two pandas, they're so cute!!! How can a panda be so cute? If I were to meet a real panda, I must control myself real hard not to pinch them and hug them and squeeze them.

Happy 8th Anniversary to us!!! 
And many more anniversaries ahead of us to celebrate and count!
Since Boyf have a nickname as Panda so this picture really suit him well=)
And this fella appear in my blog again because? Because of her many patterns that I captured and save in my phone gallery and now I want to clear my phone gallery but do not want to erase this chubby cute fella pictures so I randomly post it at here again. Hope you all don't mind. I treat my soft toys like my children as well...XD

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